What's new at Mandate Mania - June '98

  • I changed the Credits page to be more directed to those who offered significant contributions to the site. I don't appreciate the small contributions, but there have been so many it has been hard to keep up with. To all those who have sent in ideas, suggestions, and information, THANK YOU!
  • If you have any ideas, hints, notes, changes please e-mail them to me; I'm starting to run out of ideas on my own. Sometimes ideas take time to implement, so you many not see them for a while, but I'm trying to do as many as I can. mm6@pottsland.com
  • Changed this "What's New" page to be month by month. (shorter load times).
06/29/98 06/26/98 06/25/98 06/24/98
  • Created a Title for this web site, it is now called "Mandate Mania"
  • Updated the files section. Added several new apps, but also added the NEW PATCH from New World Computing.
  • Updated the Easter Eggs Page
06/23/98 06/22/98 06/19/98 06/18/98  06/17/98  06/16/98 No Updates today, my car broke down on the way to work and I am about 4 hours late. So too much to do, no time for anything. Look for updates tomorrow. 06/15/98  06/12/98  06/11/98 
      • Updated the Easter Eggs Page
      • Updated the Questions and Answers Page
      • Added another Link to the Links Page
      • Again sorry for the sparse update, work is killing me and I had a meeting yesterday that too all day so no time to update anything. I'm working on adding much more... It will just take some time.
06/10/98  06/09/98  06/08/98 
      • Updated the Questions and Answers Page
      • Updated the Easter Eggs Page
      • Updated the Notes and Clues page to have a solution to the Fire Lord Quest
      • Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend, I had to work all day Saturday and Sunday. I didn't really have time to do much of anything this weekend.
06/05/98  06/04/98  06/03/98  06/02/98  06/01/98 

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