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What's New
A complete list by month, day and year all the changes that have been made to this site. If you are just looking for what has changed since your last visit, then this is where you want to look first.
Maps of the different towns of Enroth, a full map of the entire world of Enroth and maps of the dungeons. Also information on how to make your own maps and how to print these out.
Character & Starting Info.
Ideas on how to create your initial party, along with tips on how to make a decent start in the game. These should not be considered the right way to play, but just some suggestions.
This is a list of important schedules that you will help you out while playing the game. This is where you will find the Travel Schedule, one of the most useful pieces of information that you will find.
In this section you will find lots of information about the game; things you may not even have thought of. If you are looking for some specific information about the game, then you may find it here.
Detailed information about many quests found in the game. NOTE: This page is written by Janus (see the Quests list for the email address), when sending e-mail please make sure you are directing it to the right person.
This is where you will find out more information about the game, things that may help you along such as cheats, or spoilers and also a list of common questions with complete answers.
Easter Eggs
This is a list of things about the game that have come from the "real" world. References to books, other games, companies, and even things related to history. Some very interesting reading.
Here are the different programs that people have written for MM6. It also is where you will find the official patch and a full archive of Mandate Mania.  Now this files are all local!
Known Bugs
Ok so the game isn't 100% perfect, but then again it really isn't that bad. Here is a list of some known bugs in the game. Most of the bugs are mostly harmless but you should know about them.
Web Ring
On this page you will find the Might and Magic web ring control panel. It will instantly take you to different web sites all related to Might and Magic. It's worth a look.
Mandate Mania isn't the only web site dedicated to Might and Magic VI (or even VII), here is a list of links of other web sites that you may want to check out.
You think I have done all the work on this web site by myself? Yeah, I would like to think that too, but I didn't. Here is a brief list of some of the people who have had major contributions.  I owe them a large debt of gratitude.
Send Me Email
Something you found is wrong with this site? Something about the game you want to share with everyone? Have a question not answered somewhere on here? Then send me email and I'll see what I can do.
Buy Software & Books
Looking for that new game? Looking for something to Read? Then you are just a click away. Check out the new On-Line purchasing of software and books.

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