MM6 Schedules
Circus Locations
The circus of Enroth moves around from town to town depending on the month of the year. Look here to see when and where the circus will be.
Important Days of the Year
During the game, you'll find that some days are more useful then others. This is a collection of those days and what they are used for.
Town Regeneration
Once all the "monsters" of a towns area are killed AND picked up, the town will regenerate all the mosters. Look here to see how often this will happen.
Travel Chart
A complete graphical view of all the possible travel routes in Enroth. This single page chart give you a quick overview of all land and sea travel.
Travel Schedule
Looking to travel around Enroth? Well this is a complete travel guide. How to get from any town to any other town via land and sea transportation.

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