Easter Eggs

The Fifth Element Silver Cove
In the city of Silver Cove, you will find a girl named Leah Lu the child. I believe this to be a reference to Leehloo in The Fifth Element.
Raymond E. Feist books Blackshire
The temple of the snake is located on an island in "the great star lake". The "Great star lake" is the exact name from the Raymond E. Feist books.
Eek! The Cat TV Show Anywhere where Lizards are located
Thunder Lizards is the name of a trio of incompetent dinosaurs in Eek! The Cat TV show. They actually kinda look the same also.
West of Silver Cove Hero's of Might and Magic II
At the front of of the silverhelms stronghold a little west of Silver Cove there's the Black Dragon HOMM2 icon included in their banner.
Free Haven South Park
In Ironfist there is a character named Cartman, he gives you the quest to go to Ethric's tomb.
BBC comedy series "Yes, Prime Minister" Ironfist
In the BBC comedy series, "Yes, Prime Minister", the Prime Minister's Chief of Civil Service is "Sir Lord Humphrey".
McDonalds, Eddie the Echo Weapons Shops
When you go into the weapon stores in MM6 the clerk say "how you doing, how you doing" just like Eddie the Eco in the McDonald's adds on TV.
Raymond E. Feist, The Serpent War Series Darkmoor
The town of Darkmoor is, of course, named after the similar town in the Midkemia novels by Raymond E Feist. Indeed, one of the major characters in the Serpent War Series (Shadow of a Dark Queen, Rise of a Merchant Prince, Rage of a Demon King, and Shards of a Broken Crown) is called Erik von Darkmoor, being the illegitimate son of the Baron of Darkmoor.
JRR Tolkien's, The Lords of the Rings Shadow Guild, Frozen Highland
The first three are taken from Tolkien's Hobbit. The last is the verbatim riddle given in full during the Lord of the Rings trilogy (during Two Towers, I believe).
Mist Myst
The island of Mist is of course named after the best-selling game Myst.
Warcraft II Castle Stromgard
Stromgard is the name of one of the human towns in Warcraft II.
Xerox User's Manual
In the manual, Klavis Verge, the wizard, refers to the mouse as a "Rodent of Parc". What this is, is a reference to the original "steel ball in a wooden case" pointing device (i.e., Rodent) which was invented (or created) by the Xerox people at their Palo Alto Research Center (i.e., Parc) in California.
Star Trek Any Temple of Baa
In any of the Temple of Baa's that you can be healed at, (I definitely know of the one outside of Free haven) the hooded healer is named Landrew. This is a steal from the show Return of the Archons when a computer named Landru controlled hooded monk like people.
Pink Floyd, "Money" Sounds in the Sound file
Contained in the MM6 sounds file (audio,snd) are three different money sounds. These sounds are taken directly from the Pink Floyd song "Money". If you are familiar with the song, you will recognize them.
Cuisinart Brand Food Processors Anywhere you can find a Cuisinart
The reason for the cuisinarts being a reference to the Cuisinart brand is because much like the food processors made by them, they "slice and dice".
The Princess Bride, Rodents of Unusual Size Anywhere you can find a rat
The rats you fight periodically in the game are just like those in "Princess Bride", when Wesley and Buttercup are in the Fire Swamp, running from the bad guys. I'm pretty sure they also make the same noises!...
J.R.R. Tolkien Darkmoor, Magic Shop
The proprietor of the magic shop in Darkmoor is named Celebrimbor. This was the name of the Elf who unwittingly aided Sauron in forging the Rings of Power (recounted in Tolkein's Silmarillion).
Mary Poppins Several Towns
The fact that Chimney sweeps give you +20 Luck comes from Mary Poppins. (Chim-chimenee, Chim-chimenee, chim-chim-cheree, a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be!)
New World Computing Temple of the Gods
The temple of the gods is the new world computing logo, if looked at from above.
Hero's of Might and Magic II Trainers
The sign outside the trainers in some of the cities (the one with a lion on it) is the logo for HOMM2.
Star Wars Superior Temple of Baa
In the Superior baa temple when you touch the baa heads, what they say might be a tribute to Star Wars when the X-wings are getting ready to attack the Death Star....
  • baa one here..
  • baa two ready...
  • baa three standing bye...
  • etc..
Clash of the Titans Anywhere there is a Medusa
The sound of the Medusa's are taken from the Clash of the Titans movie when Perseus fights Medusa.
Simpsons Anywhere
When a character fails to open a chest they make the "DOH" sound just like Homer Simpson.
Misc. Temple of Varn
All the Passwords for the Temple of Varn have to do with Star Trek. They are not listed here because it is a major spoiler. Click HERE for a complete list of all Varn passwords (SPOILER!)
Interesting Naming The High Council
This one has to do with the High Council. The names of the council reps all have something to do with the names of the lords they represent. Here's the list:
  • Osric Temper - Preston Steel ("tempering" is something you do to steel to make it harder)
  • Loretta Fleise - Tori Goldman (Fleise is well known for hoarding gold)
  • Anthony Stone - Isaac Rockwell (these two could be in the Flintstones)
  • Eric von Stromgard - Olaf Heimdall (this is the weakest of the 5. Heimdall was the Norse god who guarded Bifrost, the bridge from Midgard (earth) to Asgard (the heavens).
  • Stromgard could be, but I haven't found anything; however, the name is very Norse/Germanic (like Midgard/Asgard). The word gard means "yard" and can also mean "farm" or "estate". Strom means "current" both meaning electricity and water current. However, since the name is so old it has to refer to the latter.
  • Eric and Olaf are very good Norse names.
  • Albert Newton - Euclid Kepler (Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler are important physicists, and Albert Einstein and Euclid are important mathematicians.)
Hero's of Might and Magic II Trainers in all Towns
The coat of arms for the training centers is the symbol for Heroes of Might and Magic 2
Star Trek, Picard Iron Fist, Trainer
The trainer in Castle Ironfist is named "Earl of Grey". It's a reference to Star Trek: TNG, since "Earl Grey" is Picard's drink of choice.
New World Computing Anywhere
The Fighter/Soldier/Veteran have the NWC logo on their chests.
Hero's of Might and Magic 2 Free Haven
In the Free Haven Training ground there is a picture on the wall of a map that is the same map as in HoMM2 on the movie for campaign 5 the traitor one.
'Amber' series of books by Roger Zelazny Kriegspire
In Kriegspire there's a Fool called 'Droppa Ma Pantz', this is a reference to the 'Amber' series of books by Roger Zelazny, the name is that of the court jester.
The Last Star Fighter N/A
The Earth Spell Death Blossom is a reference to the movie The Last Starfighter, when their last line of defense was the ultimate weapon (untried as it was), the Death Blossom.
Amber series by Roger Zelazny Blacksmiths
I finally noticed that the blacksmiths are named after the princes of Amber, from the Amber series by Roger Zelazny. So far I've come across Corwin, Random, Caine, Gerard and Brand.
The Adams Family Castle Kriegspire
In Castle Kriegspire, there is a door near where you find Roland's letter. Behind that door is a very tiny room in which is a minotaur name Lurch with 2000 hit points. An obvious reference to the Adams Family.
Wizardry (the original) Dragon Riders, etc.
The `Blade Cuisinart' was one of the great relics in the original Wizardry games (a sword used only by fighters). Cuisinart is the brand of the first really popular food processors (considered top of the line at that time).
Albert Einstein and Issac Newton Castle, Mist
Both had theories about the possibilities/impossibilities of time travel.
Boot to the Head Master of Meditation, Mist
The master of meditation in Mist says, "Who disturbs my meditation as the pebble disturbs the stillness of the pond?", a quote from "Boot to the Head."
Jacques Chirac & Helmut Kohl Castle Ironfist, The Expert of Diplomacy, JACQUES KOHL
In the castle of Ironfist, the Expert of Diplomacy told that the master of Diplomacy is JACQUES KOHL the French president now is JACQUES Chirac and the German chancellor is Helmut KOHL the 2 diplomatic leaders of the European Union Jacques Chirac is although very known for his very subtle "finesse" in diplomacy (Nuclear test in Mururoa, resulting a world boycott of the French products! major mistakes in Africa and Israel, and so on...!)
Modern Science The Council
Council Member Euclid Kepler : representative of the mage, and hence the name is logically comprised of two great contributors to modern science; Euclid being a classical Greek mathematician [e.g. Euclidean norm] and Johannes Kepler, who translated the data collected by Tycho Brahe into the three fundamental laws governing the motion of celestial bodies, which began the development of modern mathematics and a heliocentric astrological model.
Dune White Cap, behind the Stables
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (the main bad guy) and his two nephews Feyd-Rautha and Rabban (both Harkonnens in name, I believe). The Baron's 'advisor' was a guy named Piter De Vries. Merging the two names together yield Piter Harkonnen as found behind the White Cap Stables.
YMCA Anywhere
Mind, body and spirit are directly taken from the YMCA motto.
Trader Joe's Silver Cove, Supplies
Trader Joe's is the name of a specialty foods place here in southern California (where NWC is located).
Clint Eastwood, Dirty Hairy White Cap Trainer
The guy at the training tent in White Cap says "do you feel lucky..."
Boot to the Head/Tae Kwon Leep (by the Frantics) Eel Infested Waters, South Island, Light Master
The teacher for Master level in Light magic is named "Ki Lo Nee" which is a reference to the song "Boot to the Head/Tae Kwon Leep" - "No, no, the only use of Tae Kwon Leep is in self defense! Do you know who said that? Ki Lo Nee, the great teacher."
New World Computing The Council
When Slicker Silvertongue gets up after you've exposed him, the NWC logo is on the back of his cape.
Thunder Cats Anywhere
The insignia on the Liches belt is that of the Thunder Cats.
Dune White Cap
Piter Harkonnen is the name of a character from Dune, he is located in the back of the stables in White Cap.
He-Man Blackspire
Twillen the Gate Master could be a reference to the little guy same name from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Movie.
Sword of Shannarra The Seer
The Seer is a Reference to The King of the Silver River from the Shannarra Series of books.
Star Trek Temple of the Snake (East of Blackshire)
A fat pesantish guy behind a secret wall called "Q". Is a reference to the character on Star Trek called "Q".
Dungeon Keeper The Inn in Mist
The Inn in Myst is called "The Imp Slapper," which is a reference to the game "Dungeon Keeper" from Bullfrog. In the game, you would slap all your creatures, including imps, to make them work faster and discipline them.
Harper Collins Mist (Water Master?)
Harper Collins is the name of a large book publishing house.
The Princess Bride Anywhere
"Eel Infested Waters" is a tip of the hat to a movie called "The Princess Bride". If you haven't seen it, rent it. Trust me. Anyone who enjoys Might and Magic games should love it.
Monty Python Silver Cove, Protection Services (42)
When you enter the building the person is chatting about something. If you listen to what he says it's a Monty Python skit. A Wink is as good as a nod to a blind bat. Know what I mean? Know what I mean?
Jack & Rexella Van Impe (Televangelists) Free Haven, Expert Fire Trainer (25)
The husband and wife duo that can be found late nights on (I think) "The World Tomorrow", a particularly amusing televangelist/infomercial/news show.
Star Trek Star Trek Ironfist, Temple
When leaving you get the phrase "Live long and Prosper"
New World Computing Shrine of the Gods
When clicking on the New World Computing symbol located on the wall the hilt of the sword is facing, you will be transported to the New World Computing Dungeon. This dungeon is the headquarters of NWC, complete with monsters for the bosses.

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