MM6 Reference
Artifacts & Relics
A complete listing of all of the artifacts and relic in the game and their abilities.
When, how, and what you can enchant, and the money you will get for them.
A list of all possible enchantments in the game and what they do.
Level vs. Experience Chart
This is a chart showing how much experience you will need to reach the different levels.
Liquid Colors & Meanings
Through out the game you'll find many colored liquids, this explains what those liquids do.
Locations of the Nine Stables
You may need some help trying to locate where all the stables are in the game. Well, here they are.
Magic Enhancement Items
Some items will enhance your spell powers; this page describes what they really do for you.
More Attributes
This page has detailed information on the effects of the attributes of your characters.
NPC Character List
There are many NPC's you find in the game; here is a complete list of all of them and what they offer.
People who buy Items
Some people will buy things from you in the game. Here is an incomplete list of them.
Ever wonder what to do with those potions? Here's what you can make by mixing them together.
Promotion and Council Quests
Some quests are more important then others. Here is a brief list of the important quests.
Want to change your reputation? Here's how, and also a complete list of all of them.
Don't know where a shrine is or what month the shrines are used in? Look here for the answer.
ALL the skills listed by skill and by location. This is one of the MOST useful pages on this site!
All of the spells of the game listed by magic skill for easy reference.
Thin Doors & Walls
Some of the doors and walls in the game are thinner then they appear. Look here to see how to use them.
Training Location and Levels
Some trainers are better then others; look here to find out where to train for the different levels.
All Items in the Game
A complete list of all items that can be found in the game.
A list of many of the fountains and where they are located.

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