Magic Enhancement Items

Certain items are of xxxxx magic. Like ring of fire magic, or amulet of dark magic, etc. They add +50% to your correct magic skill and they are cumulative. My magic with a 12 fire skill wears one ring and fire skill goes to 18. He adds another and his skill goes to 27 (Yes that's right +50% to the new total.) Likewise he had a dark magic skill of 20 which went to 30 with one ring and to 45 with a second. Enough of these items really rock. And they can be obtained at Abdul's for trade. 

NOTE: Your skill still stays the same when you view your character but you can test the new affect by casting a protection spell (or looking at a spells new duration.) For example my fire master (12 skill) normally increases fire protection by 36. With one ring by 54 and two rings by 81. My dark master (20 skill) increase all prots by 80 normally, with one ring 120, and with two rings by 180. 

The above information seems to be incorrect in the latest version of the game. It appears that for rings of xxx magic are no longer cumulative. In other words, using more then one ring for each person means you will get no additional bonus.

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