Council and Promotion Quests

Castle Newton, Mist find Hourglass of Time Gharik's Forge, New Sorpigal
Castle Stone, White Cap capture Prince of Thieves sewers, Free Haven
Castle Fleise, Silver Cove Price Fixing visit all town stables
Castle Ironfist, Ironfist Lord Kilburn's Shield chest, Blackshire
Castle Stromgard, White Cap End Winter Hermit on Mountain, Kriegspire
Castle Temper, Free Haven Destroy Devil Outpost Kriegspire
Class Quests Quest Location Promotion Title Quest Quest Solution Location
Archer Castle Stromgard, White Cap Battle Mage Find Dragon Tower Key Ice Wind Keep
Warrior Mage Reset Dragon Towers Visit all of the towns with towers
Cleric Stone Castle, White Cap  Priest Repair Temple Stone Free Haven
High Priest Return the Chalice Temple of Sun, Island, Bootleg Bay
Druid Castle Fleise, Silver Cove Great Druid Ceremony of Sun Circle of Stones, Island, Silver Cove
Arch Druid Ceremony of Moon Temple of Moon, Free Haven
Knight Temper Castle, Free Haven  Cavalier Find Chadwick Tavern, West of Free Haven
Champion Kill the Warlord Warlord's Castle, Silver Cove
Paladin Ironfist, Ironfist Castle Crusader Rescue Damsel in Distress Silver Helm Outpost, Mist
Hero Slay Longfang Witherhide Dragon's Lair, Mire of Dammed
Sorcerer Castle Newton, Mist Wizard Drink from the Fountain of Magic Bootleg Bay
Arch Mage Find the Crystal of Terrax Corlagon's Estate, Ironfist

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