MM6 Character Information & Party Creation
Basic Tips
Several basic tips on getting you feet wet in Enroth. These tips should be read by the beginners and anyone who is having problems learning the game.
Character Attributes
What the effects of the character attributes are on the characters. This gives you full details on how the results are calculated.
General Hints
This is a collection of general hints about the game. Things that should help you out when starting off in the world of Enroth.
Getting Started Guide
This is Robert Whisler's guide to getting started with Might and Magic VI. It is very helpful and someting all beginners should read.
Mini F.A.Q.
This is a brief collection of the frequently asked questions put together in an easy to read format. This is very good reading for people just starting off.
More on Getting Started
Still don't know what to do at the beginning of the game, well here is more information that should help you out.  Again, another thing that all beginners should read
Party Creation
Don't know what type of party to create or what type of characters to use then this is where you want to look for more information.
Starting Off
Don't know how to start playing the game? Well here is some good information on what you should be doing at the beginning.
Top Ten Tactics
Top Ten Tactics for playing Might and Magic VI. If you follow these tips you'll find that the game will be easier to get into.

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