More Hints on Getting Started

After you've got your Party together go straight to the weapon shop & buy bows for your characters. Make sure they have a close range weapon equipped too! The go to the Inn and collect your 1000 gp from the chap there. Now go and collect the stuff in the boxes by the bridge which can be found by turning right out of the Main Town Gate. There will be some goblins there but you should be able to mow them down with bows before they can even hit you. Hunt around for extra cash until you have 2000 gp (there is lots lying around). 

Now go and find the Gatemaster he should be close the Main Town Gate usually if you turn right and walk forward from there for a little bit he should be one of the first people you come to. Sometimes these guys seem to toddle off to different places if this is so then just hunt around till you find him. Get the Gatemaster to join your party he will cost 2000 gp and take 20% of the loot from corpses but don't worry. If you can afford it also get an identifier dude. 

Now go to the Bank and search the walls until you find the fly scroll, it's usually in the North Wall. Now go to the Buccaneer's Lair and you will see that it has four sticking out platforms on the second floor. Find the one so that you are facing South when you are looking at it head on. Get your Sorcerer (You DO have a sorcerer don't you..?!?) to use the fly scroll and then fly up to this platform (Watch out newbie flyers ! The tower will fire fireballs at you if you got too high). Save your game now. Enter turn based mode and press the wall in front of you. You will now be in Dragonsand and facing the Shrine of the Gods (The big Rock thing). If you look around you will see loads of dragons ready to give you a good kicking. Don't worry though they won't get a chance. Run like hell into the structure and make sure you end up in the left hand alcove as soon as you are there enter turn based mode again. 

Now providing everyone is o.k. (reload if not) have each character touch the Shrine of the Gods and you will receive +20 to all stats (cool huh..?). Now still in Turn Based Mode press the wall on ahead of you. This transfers you to the NWC Dungeon which has lots of cool stuff in it and is very easy to complete. Explore the dungeon completely get everything you possibly can (there are lots of hidden extras and some items are random so if you get duff stuff worth reloading to a previous save). Kill all the NWC staff and peasants. DO NOT pick up any cash lying around until you find a chest that give you 500 gp every time you click on it until you reach 10000 gp then go back and get all the gold. 

Watch out for a cabinet that gives you items but makes you instantly drunk (if you keep going poisoned) when you click on it. Even if your character is drunk or poisoned, keep clicking on it to get 1 or 2 food (about every other click), you can easily build up a few hundred food. When you have completely explored the dungeon (there are only two levels) have the Gate Master cast town portal. I suggest having him take you to Mist as this is an easy place to get lots of new skills (Make sure you get learning skill!) When you have finished in Mist it may be worth trying to go to Blackshire to pick up Dark Magic Skill (but watch out nasties in Blackshire). When you have finished have the Gatemaster send you back to New Sorpigal to complete the goblinwatch code mission from the Town Hall or to Castle Ironfist (Don't know if you will get sent to prison for being so nasty or not) to deliver the letter. Dump the Gatemaster as soon as you have finished traveling long distances as they are not worth having will in dungeons as they take so much money. 

There you go you should now still be in the first 3 days of the game with +20 to all stats 10k gold and a whole bunch of cool magic items including at least one book of inferno for your sorcerer. 

Hope this helps! Darkheart 

Lord of Midnight

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