General Hints and Tips

When fighting dragons if you are just below their heads , usually have to have fly on because they are in the air, you can hit them but they can not hit you.I found this very useful in dragonsand, First i got one to chase after me when far enough away from the groups of dragons id fly right up next to it and start hitting it. I also found that starburst works very well to clear out a large group of dragons. 
Jake Martinez : The little messages that you can find (like the one about the "Shadow Guilds guilt" that you can take back to New Sorpigal for the reward) can be destroyed if you set off a trap on the item they are contained in. I've proven this by saving a game and experimenting. 
Brice D. Chidester : In the secret New World Headquarters dungeon in the Shrine of the Gods, there is a room with a Goblin Shaman named Jon van Caneghem. (Or however you spell the head honcho's name) When you walk in the room, all your characters are afflicted with fear, but if you search the desk (the little white cube), your characters gain about a 256 point bonus to all their primary statistics. I cast a Lloyd's beacon there, and find it an extremely useful place to visit whenever I need a little extra help. 
Lord Chaos : The best overall spell in the game is the shrapmetal, just run close
to the monsters, fire it off, and you can get two or three in one
shot (even guardians of VARN or Power liches), Titans takes one shot
up close, Noble Titans and the largest Wyrms or dragons takes two.
Just have both your sorcerer and cleric have Dark Magic and fire
away. Its also the only spell that NO monster in the entire game is
immune to. 

To gain Dark Magic mastery here is a simple tip.
Place a Beacon in the Castle Ironfist area. Fly to Paradise
Valley, dodging the titans. then fly to the village and locate the
dark master, cast lloyd's beacon and then return to Castle Ironfist,
cast Armageddon or kill about 10 civilians and you should have
notorious status, beacon back to Paradise Valley and become Dark
Master, then beacon back to Castle Ironfist, go to the temple and
donate 1000 gp per character, and you will gain the respectable
status again. 

Chris Chua : There's a fly scroll on the side wall of the bank at New Sorpigal, which you can use to gain access to the Expert Air Magic shop above the bank. At the same time, you should also fly to the eastern island to learn Expert Water Magic and to the northern island to get the obelisk tip (and 2 horseshoes). 
John Paul Phillips : It's always good to search everything you find and see, often there's some hidden stuff in some of the mundane places such as trees, rocks, torches, etc. But it can be tiresome to search every tree, and I did notice that anything that begins with a capital letter always have something when you search it, like those fountains, wells, food trees, crates, chests etc. Those with all small letters always have nothing whenever you search them. For example, that rock with the hidden stuff behind the functional temple in New Sorpigal starts with a "R" instead of a "r" like all of the other rocks I have seen to date and that is still the only one with hidden stuff I have seen so far. 

However, there are some things out there that doesn't show any description when you point to it with the arrow, and this seems to be a mixed bag. That torch in the Temple of Baa near Ironfist with the 5000 gold, it shows no description, and the torches where I have discovered some scrolls hidden, also showed no description. But in that temple with the cannibals and cobras, the crates that makes up a sort of a wall in a few rooms also showed no description and gave no stuff upon searching. 

I have adopted the practice of pointing to everything, and I always check those with capital letters of any kind and also anything that shows no description at all. This has saved me a lot of playing time being wasted on excess searching. 

Terje : The Horn of Ros can be found in the Temple of the Snake, after killing the Q. The horn has a very useful ability, you can't sell it and its not a quest item, but carry it on you and it shows all the critters hit points in numbers as well as the normal hit point bar. 
Dorian : If you notice Wizard Eye doesn't show monsters until you've actually seen them. One thing that helps me a lot is to fire of a ring of fire before I open doors. This can show the strength of the force waiting for you. (They appear on the wizard eye map) If your characters have enough spell points, then you could fry thy enemies behind closed doors. I found this invaluable for slimes, and disease ridden vermin. 
Alex : Promotion quests, Lord Stone's is the easiest.. in fact, getting past the Magyar Matrons to his castle is harder. The Temple of the Sun that you have to go to is really small, and the only problem is that the room you enter is filled with about 20 monks. The trick is to cast all the protection and enhancement spells before you go in, and then charge, go to turn based and whack the monks to little pieces. A power cure or two also helps a lot :P. After that, you get the chalice and a REALLY powerful axe, along with a promotion to high priest... so it's probably the easiest promotion quest available. 
Anthony Hayes : Titans are tough, but they can't see. When in Titan infested areas, fly or walk really slow so you can just see them. Use spells such as Meteor Storm (best if two have it) to take em out. It takes about two blasts to kill them, except for Supreme Titan which needs about three. Especially good because they rarely travel alone, and MS takes the whole group out. Paradise Valley is the only exception, but make good use of surrounding cliffs. Arrows and most other spells cant hit them from afar. 
Mike Peterson : The crystal skull protects you from the radiation in the pyramid in dragonsand. 
Gladney Asada : To get a lot of experience quickly, get an instructor and a teacher as your NPCs. Combined, they only cost you 10% and an initial investment of 1000 gold. They will give you 15% + 10% = 25% additional experience per creature. Mix this in with some learning expertise and you could be earning even more. Personally, my characters have master learning 10 and I get an additional 55% exp per creature. 
Mark Short : The Archer is a hybrid class that has access to the elemental magic that the Knight/Paladin do not. This makes them worth having... but not for their Archer abilities. 
John Columbus If you increase your stats above 25, the wells stop working for stat increases. I had taken all of the stat increasing potions and now the wells that people are pointing out just say 'Refreshing'. Little trivia tip to starting characters. 
Aaron Bryant : Rogue, Burgler, and Thieves can steal items you are carrying when they attack you. When they attack if there are blue sparkles over your face then they have stolen something. The best way to avoid this is to use your bow and/or spells as much as possible before they get to you. 
Craig : Here's a fighting tactic with spells that fire 3 to 7 blasts, i.e. fire blast, shrapmetal, etc, If you run right up to the monster and have the char icon that is going to be firing the spell directly in front, fire the spell, the monster will get all 3 to 7 blasts. My high cleric's Master level 15+7 extra levels from npcs shrapmetal would take 1/2 to 2/3 of a Titan's HP's off in one shot. Even low level poison spray with a Master water caster can end up doing over 100 HP's of damage to one creature if fired point blank for a meager 4 SP! 
Craig : For fighting, the best combination is having a spear in your right hand and a sword in your left. It does way more damage than holding two swords and also has a higher to hit bonus than two swords, and being a master in the spear improves your AC too.

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