Mini Might and Magic 6 FAQ version .004

by (another) George -

Character Creation
Beginning Tips
Traveling tips
Thanks, contact and misc info

Character Creation

Your party must fill many roles and unfortunately you have only 4 people to do this with. In the beginning I'd have.. 

someone for melee damage
someone for magic damage
someone who heals
someone who repairs items
someone who identifies items
someone who can pick traps
someone with the 'merchant' skill 

This is a bare minimum. Later on you'll want to develop more skills but these will at least fill out the basic roles. You shouldn't pick all of these in char creation but buy them from guilds as early as possible. Here are my thoughts on the classes followed by what characters in my party I used to fill which roles. 

Knight- No magic but this can be a help as this will allow him to have plenty of time to develop some of the skills your magic using characters will be too busy to advance. (pick locks,repair,etc) My knight doesn't do a tremendous amount of damage but he has a lot of HP. This can help as usually at least he is alive and he can retreat with all my money instead of having to ressurect back in New Sorpigal 

Paladin- a little bit of clerical magic and almost as much HP as the Knight and does as much damage. Fairly useful, and since his SP depends on personality it might be a wise idea to give him the "Merchant" skill. I've noticed most people seem to pick one so this might be a wise choice. 

Archer- I didn't pick one but from what I've heard on usenet they seem a mixed bag. Since my mage didn't do a lot of damage till he got quite a few points in the various magic skills it wouldn't seem too useful to have someone dabble in elemental magic. Most people seem to be using them as Melee fighters anyway so it might be wiser to go with a straight mage or a knight. 

Druid- Once again, I didn't pick this one but from what I've heard from the usenet they seem fairly useful. Probably would be pretty weak in the beginning but late in the game using both magic disciples would make them a very powerful class. NOTE: A Druid (or a Paladin or Archer for that matter) can't learn the very powerful Light and Dark magic so make sure you have at least a cleric or mage in your party. 

Cleric- Their magic isn't as powerful as the mage's but you'll use the healing spells a lot. They also become pretty good in melee combat later on. Right now my cleric even hits more often then my fighters, though they do more damage. They can also learn Light or Dark magic. 

Sorcerer- (out of habit I call him a Mage a lot later on but this is who I mean) elemental magic is very powerful, especially the Air and Water spheres. My mage has Probably been the single most useful member of my party. I don't think any party should be without one. Once I got him to expert dagger he also did a fair amount of damage.
Though low on HP (as is the cleric) he can learn the Light and Dark magic, which are very powerful. 

My party consisted of a Knight, Paladin, Cleric, and a Sorcerer. My Sorcerer started off with all the magic skills and used his points only on them. Later on he learned Meditation which boosted his SP but besides that he's just been concentrating on magic. Its better to master Water or Air magic before fire or earth. I gave him Dark Magic later in the game. My cleric spent most of his time on magic, though I did decide to give him the Item Identification skill as well. I also made him start with all his magic skills. Spirit or Body magic is better to work on before Mind. My Paladin concentrated mostly on melee damage but also worked on the merchant skill. (I believe he started with it in fact) He can be used as a back-up healer but I usually leave that to my Cleric. My knight took the rest of the misc skills (as well as working up a few weapon skills) of Disarm Trap, Repair Item, and Perception. Though I've found perception to be nearly useless so I haven't developed it much. 

Beginning Tips

Your first goal should be to get armor skills for all your people (little use to getting them at creation) and hopefully buy some armor. The guild offering to sell the leather armor skill is located in the building behind the armor/weapon shops. Getting the bow skills and bows for your party is a good idea as well but I think you have to wait till Ironfist. The merchant skill will help a *lot* so you might want to start putting points in that. You can pick up some money by talking to one of the people inside the INN. He will also give you a quest. After that you should head to the Town Hall and take the quests offered there. You can also find two more quests from townspeople that have to do with the abandoned temple NW of town. (they are a find person quest and kill the spider queen) After that you might want to head to the Goblin Watch tower as I think its a little easier. Make sure you take the first right inside and check the walls before doing the puzzle to the north. Kill the groups of monsters just hanging around New Sorpigal by running up and kill a few then running back and healing. You can also try to lure a few away from the main group. 

Traveling Tips

Read the manual or try right clicking on the item/whatever before asking for help for the problem. 

Horse shoes found around stables and occasionally just randomly in the world can be used to give extra skills points by right clicking them on a character. They do respawn so it might be a wise idea to check stables every once in a while. (I'm not sure of the respawn rate, if someone knows please email me) 

Spells can be bought in (so far for me): 

Elemental Magic and Clerical Magic, low level - New Sorp.
Elemental Magic, except earth, low-mid level - Mist
Clerical Magic, low-mid level - Ironfist
Earth Magic, All- Silver Cove
Elemental Magic and Clerical Magic, low-high level - Free Haven
Light - Blackshire
Dark - Blackshire, Whitecap 

Remember, quest destinations aren't always in the area where the quest is given. 

If you're ever lost in a dungeon try clicking on the walls, often dungeons use hidden switches or doors to conceal the objective. 

The Meditation and Body Building skills are very useful but they are only dependent on your total HP/SP and skill level. Its not by your character level, so don't worry about them early on. Wait till level 15 or 20 and master them quickly and watch your HP and SP shoot up. 

An easy way to gain money is to boost your Merchant skill to master (has to be there to turn a profit) and get your Water magic skill to expert at least and go to shops and purchase items, then enchant them with the "Enchant Item" spell, then sell them right back to the shop. Items must be above 450 value to be enchanted and can't have previous enchantments. 

If you are trying to find an Expert Air teacher you can find one in Free Haven or you can go to the back of the New Sorpigal Bank and click until you find a flight scroll. Use it and fly to the second floor of the bank and inside is an expert air teacher. (must have 4 points in air to advance) You can also find an expert water teacher on an island NE of New Sorpigal. 

You can "swim" by getting as far as you can into water by walking then jumping forward. This will damage your party on every step so heal quickly. 

The learning skill can be initially learned in Mist in one of the elemental magic temples. The magic skills can be learned in their various magic temples and the rest of the skills can be learned in the guilds scattered around. 

Trainers- (this is a bit messy.. but oh well) 

Spirit- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Ironfist
Body- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Silver Cove
Mind- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Silver Cove
Earth-(Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Silver Cove
Fire-(Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Mist
Water- (Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Mist
Air- (Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Mist
Light- (Expert) Kriegspire, (Master) Alamos (somewhere..)
Dark- (Expert) Blackshire, (Master) Paradise Valley
Staff- (Expert) Mist, (Master) Silver Cove
Sword- (Expert) Free Haven, (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Blackshire
Dagger-(Expert) Free Haven, (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Castle Stone
Axe- (Expert) Ironfist, (Expert) Darkmoor, (Master) Darkmoor
Spears- (Expert) Mist, (Master) Darkmoor
Bow- (Expert) Ironfist, (Expert) White Cap (Master) Kriegspire
Mace- (Expert) Darkmoor, (Master) Blackshire
Leather- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Castle Stone
Chain-(Expert) Ironfist, (Expert) Bootleg Bay,(Master) Darkmoor
Plate- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Free Haven
Shield- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Blackshire
Identify- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Not sure- need to check
Merchant- (Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Silver Cove
Repair- (Expert) Mist, (Master) Castle Stone
Body Building- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Free Haven
Meditation- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Mist
Perception- (Expert) New Sorpigal , (Master) Darkmoor (I think?)
Diplomacy- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) White Cap (I think)
Disarm Trap- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Castle Stone
Learning- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Silver Cove 

Weapon skills need 8 points, magic skills need 12 points and misc skill needs 7 points. The skill needed for armor varies. Some of the skills have other requirements but its usually a stat req which can be easily gotten by a few rings of the required attribute. A few others require a certain promotion like Arch Mage or Cavalier. If you have any thing to add to this, please email me. 

Well, thats all I can think of. I typed most of this just off the top of my head so if there are any errors please email me. If you wish to post this on a web page, just drop me an email. Feel free to repost it, just leave my email address on it. Hope this helps someone. I have a version in DOC format if anyone wants it. (just email me) You can find the newest version at David Potts' Might and Magic 6 web page at:

Note: He is simply kind enough to repost my little faq, I do not run the page. If he's too busy to post the faq or having server troubles just go search dejanews. 

Thanks to

(original) George for reminders :) 

"Cat" for a better magic list 

Kent Arnold for some more trainer locations. 

and to everyone in CSIPGR for additions and helping me with the game. 

Thats all, 

(Another) George

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