Starting Off

First thing to do is to go to the tavern and finish your first quest, then go directly to Ironfist and finish the second quest. Now you have a good chunk of change and some decent experience. While in Ironfist get the Bow skill for everyone, and purchase some decent bows. Head back to New Sorpigal and train to level 3 (you may want to save your skill points till a little later). Once you've spent what money you have left go out and try to fight the orcs and then the wizards. Use the hit and run tactic as necessary to wipe them all out. Go to the town hall and get the quest for the Goblin Watch and wipe them out there. Go back and collect your rewards, you should be all set for money for a little while and should be about level 4 or 5. Now start to mix potions using the potion guide.

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