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I do NOT know how to find the EGG in Castle Kriegspire. I wish I knew, I still get about two messages a day about this. I keep asking people to tell me how to do this so that I can post the answer. Not ONE person came through with a valid solution. If you have a question about this, remember everything I know is on this site.

I'm starting to get a little upset with people e-mailing me without making any effort to find the answer for themselves on the website.  About 95% of all email messages I get could be resolved if people just use the SEARCH page.  It is quick, it is easy, and it is fun!  On top of this people don't read the message below, they totally ignore it.  From this point on, if the answer is on the web site I will NOT respond to you.  Examples of the messages I'm getting :

  • What is the password for Castle Alamos? (Read the site, try the spoilers section)
  • Where is Castle Alamos and how to I get to it? (Read BELOW!)
  • When I enter area xxxx I get the following message "general protection fault xxx at line xxx" and then I'm back at windows.  How do I fix it?  (ARRRGGGH!  Go away!)
  • How do I fly?  I borrowed a friends CD and I can't figure it out.  (Buy the game)
I will still help if there is a problem, I will still answer questions that are not answered on the site, but I will no longer reply to people who ask such questions without trying to help themselves first.  Sorry for the rant, but it is getting more and more rediculious.  Believe it or not about 90% of these questions are from people who have AOL accounts, maybe I should automatically delete all AOL messages?  No, I won't do that, it is just a threat.
When not to send e-mail

  • I am NOT tech support! I only know about the game from what I have experienced. If you are having problems, please contact 3DO tech support.
  • Do not send me e-mail if your "REPLY-TO" address is not correct. I don't have time messing around with trying to figure out who you are. I don't collect e-mail addresses, and I never distribute them.
  • Please make every effort to find the answer to your question on this site before sending e-mail. I would have to say that over 80% of all questions asked of me are answered on this site somewhere. Please look around. I receive tons of e-mail, and getting 10 messages a day asking how to I get to Castle Alamos, it is clearly listed on the Travel Page.
  • Use the SEARCH page
  • This is an independent web site, in no way am I affiliated with 3DO or New World Computing. If you are having problems with the game (crashes, lockups, etc...) please e-mail their tech support. I only know what I have experienced, and my game never crashed on me.
  • Do NOT ask me questions about HOW to play the game (specifically things like how to FLY). I am assuming that everyone has purchased the game and has the manual, Read the manual AND the quick reference card. It will make your gaming experience much better. If you don't have a manual I'm assuming that you don't have a legal copy of the game and I can't help you.

When to send e-mail

  • When you have a question about the game that is not answered anywhere else on this site. I am more then willing to help people who are stuck. I try to get answers to all questions on this site, but I know some are not there so those I will answer.  If the answer is on the site, you WILL NOT GET A REPLY!
  • If there is something interesting (such as an easteregg) that you've found about the game and would like everyone else to know about.
  • Want to suggest a change to the site. I'm all open to trying to make the site better and easier to use. Please feel free to submit any ideas.
  • You have found (and confirmed) a bug in the game. I would like to keep a list of all bugs and other exploitable features. Please send them to me, along with what version of the game you are playing.
  • Any piece of information that you think would be good to be on this site. Locations of items, tricks you found worked well, other things that will help people through the game, etc..
  • I can NO LONGER respond to everyone. I just don't have the time.
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