Castle Alamos Password & Memory Crystal Location
These are both in the same location; so I'll give them together. First make your way to the far SW corner of the dungeon. The room with the two "fountains" in the center and the little stair ways down. Sort of looks like a garden. If you follow the western exit you'll find a room with cages and beams over head. You need to get up to those beams. There are two ways. The easy way is to use the jump spell to jump up there. The more difficult way is to back track to the previous room, and follow the northern hall. This should dead end, but it really is a lift (click the floor) to bring you up to the beams (it is easy to miss). Once on the beams just follow them east to the hall. When you get there you'll be asked for the password, and then you can get the memory crystal, which is just down the hall.

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