Solution to the Fire Lord Quest

When you go down the initial entrance hall and take the first drop down to the platform ringed by a number of holes, note that there are eight holes, and a ninth hole in one corner. Each takes you to a different tunnel. You will eventually need to go through each to get to all parts of the dungeon. When exploring each branch, go down all holes using feather fall to completely explore the dungeon. You will have to use the stone faces several times. 

The demon to be killed is an Egyptian god-looking guy who you will eventually find if you explore all the holes. 

The door to be unwarded is a golden door in the NW large room. To open it you might need the crystal skull in your possession (I had it when I opened the door). In any event you need the skull for a later quest in the game. The skull is in a chest that needs a key. The key is in the chest that is in a wall that has no floor in front of it. To open that chest you have to jump toward it and as the chest flashes by as you are falling hit the spacebar (with your disarm traps expert highlighted!). Once you open the unwarded door and have killed the demon, you have completed the quest and return to the Fire Lord at the entrance for your reward.

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