What's new at Mandate Mania - May '98

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  • Added another Steve Ainsworth Map! IronFist!
  • Added Enchantments Page
  • Updated the Dungeon maps to be in GIF format because JPG made them ULGY!
  • Added a Page for the color of Liquids
  • Added the Fire Lord Quest Bug / Cheat to the "Notes and Clues" section
  • New format for the page, moved things around a lot!
  • Put up new maps (Goblin Watch, Abandoned Temple, Temple of Baa, Shadow Guild Hideout, and another New Sorpigal Map).
  • Added a page for the basic skills
  • Added Credits and What's New Pages
  • Added Spell lists both alphabetically and by catagory.
  • Added Locations of Experts, Masters and the Shrines.
  • Added the Hints section. Updated the map of New Sorpigal, and Iron Fist.
  • Updated New Sorpigal Map, Added first Iron Fist Map, and Added Mini FAQ
  • Page created for the first time, kinda bare right now, but I'm working on it.

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