Master Locations

The Numbers in ( )'s are the map location numbers
Sword Guy Hampton (27)
Mace (26)
Shield (28)
Bootleg Bay
No Masters
Castle Alamos
Light Magic SW Island, Behind the Stone's Throw Tavern (not shown)
Castle Stone
Repair (17)
Leather (10)
Dagger (12)
Chain (11)
Perception (20)
Spear (23)
Axe (1) after killing Snergle
Free Haven
Bodybuilding North West of Town (not shown)
Identification (48)
Plate above Castle Temper (not shown)
Spirit Magic Behind Castle, NW Corner (1)
Castle Kreigspire
Bow Above the Castle (not shown)
Castle Stromgard
Diplomacy (5)
Fire Magic Fire Guild, Jezebel (31)
Water Magic Water Guild, Harper Collins (29)
Air Magic Air Guild (30)
Meditation West of the Bank (23)
New Sorpigal
No Masters
Paradise Valley
Dark Magic
Ancient Weapons
Silver Cove
Merchant (46)
Body Magic Gilbert Hammer (62)
Mind Magic Thane Roper (63)
Earth Magic Revee Botania (54)
Learning (20)
Staff On island behind tavern and near obelisk (not shown)
White Cap
No Masters

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