Expert Locations

  • The Numbers in ( )'s are the map location numbers
  • To become an Expert you must have a skill of 4 or better
Dark Magic (13)
Bootleg Bay
Perception (20)
Chain (19)
Castle Stone
No Experts, only Masters
Castle Stromgard
Bow (1)
Mace (2)
Mace (19)
Axe (4)
Merchant (5)
Free Haven
Shield (4)
Disarm (8)
Plate Armor (12)
Sword (51)
Dagger (50)
Merchant (37)
Diplomacy (38)
Mind Magic (65)
Body Magic (67)
Spirit Magic (68)
Fire Magic (25)
Air Magic (26)
Water Magic (15)
Earth Magic (26)
Outside Castle Walls
Shield Use South of Stables (31)
Leather Armor South of Stables (32)
Chain Mail South of Stables (34)
Plate Mail South of Stables (33)
Dagger Behind the Tavern (23)
Bow Next to Tavern (25)
Inside Castle Walls
Axe Inside gate, first building on right (19)
Sword Next to Blacksmith (22)
Disarm Traps Inside gate, second on left (18)
Diplomacy East turret on top of castle (8)
Learning West turret on top of castle (6)
Body Building Behind Castle, NE Corner (2)
Identify Inside Gate, first Building on Left (18)
Light Magic (18)
Staff Across from the tavern (18)
Spear at Duelest's Edge (10)
Leather Across the street from Duelest's Edge (8)
Repair Near the water, north of the Dock (9)
New Sorpigal
Earth Magic Across from Buccaneers Lair (6)
Fire Magic Across from Buccaneers Lair (7)
Air Magic Above Bank (18)
Water Magic Island off East Coast (not shown)
Body Magic Behind Buccaneers Lair (25)
Mind Magic Behind Buccaneers Lair (24)
Spirit Magic Behind Buccaneers Lair (23)
Learning Above Self Guild (2)
Bodybuilding Store on East side of Town (22)
Meditation Mercaneries Guild (17)
Perception Above Tavern (27)
Identify Above Tavern (27)
Staff On Peninsula SE of Town (not shown)
Ancient Weapons N.E. of Town on Mainland (not shown)
Silver Cove
Repair (23)
Light Magic (60)
Meditation (47)
Spear (33)
White Cap
Bow Castle Whitehaven
Mace Castle Whitehaven

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