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I wiped clean the Plane of Fire. At first it seemed a little difficult but I quickly figured out a way to wipe them out faster (the worst part was I couldn't use the dragon's breath spell). But overall it wasn't too bad (the initial welcoming party was the worst part). I have not done the dungeons there yet, I'll come back when I've finished the other planes.


I've added two new maps, The Druid Circle and the Church of Eep.


I added a new hidden item on Regna Island to the Hidden Items page.

On the, serverly lacking, cheats page I have added the answers to two otehr important questsions : Where is Cauri and Why is Balthazars Lair still flooded?


On the maps page you'll find a new map, "The Crypt of Korbu".

I also made a minor spelling correction to the Barbarian Fortress map.


I've put up a new map, this one is of the "Barbarian Fortress".


I've put up a semi-complete map of "The Dragon Cave". The reason it is semi-complete is that I forgot to map out the treasure room until after I had completed this version; but the map is still quite useful and thus the reason I'm posting it.

Again I've updated the skills pages to go with the map - so far so good, only a few skills left to find (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Shield and Staff GM's). I know the elementals are on the corrasponding planes so that's not a biggie but I was surprised to not find the Shield or Staff... maybe I did but forgot them in an update.


Here is the Map of Regna Island that you've been waitting for. I have changed the format of the map a little (different background) and included the entire land mass. It is quite complete except for the wells and fountain (still have not figured out if they do anything).

Of course to go along with the new map, I've updated the skills tables also.


I have been playing around with the idea of putting up an Icewind Dale site, but there are a few things that concern me. First off is time, I work full time, have a family and try to have a life, so that leaves little time to play the game. I have been trying to see about getting a prerelease copy of the game from Black Isle Studios so that when the game hits the market I can have a site ready to go. Well I spoke with Chris Parker (producer) there at B.I.S. about this and was basically told, "Nope." An interesting thing is that I live about 10 minutes away from the BIS office and would be more then willing to get together with them once in a while to go over bugs and other issues. I would be more then willing to sign an NDA and help make the game the best it can be. But it doesn't seem to be happening. I guess I should just give up on this dream.... and maybe the idea of putting up a site for the game. Please let me know what you think, send me an email : mm8@pottsland.com.

At the same time I've been having this conversation with people over at New World Computing. Their answer was almost identical! I am making every effort to give the people the most enjoyment out of the game as possible; but it seems like the game companies don't really care. I am thinking of a MM9 site, but after this stuff, I an unsure if I should put the effort into it (it is a BIG task). Just for the record, NWC is about an hour and a half from my home; but I would still be willing to go in once in a while to go over the game with them. What do you think? mm8@pottsland.com

On a more fun side, The winners in the Prima Guide Give Away were chosen last night. Their information is posted on the contest page. I am planning on having more of these contests; what do you think? do you like the contests? Please send email to me about your opinions. Also if you want to send me items to put up on the contest page I'd be more then happy to do so. Just send me an email and we could work it out, contests are fun! contest@pottsland.com


A new map of Murmurwoods is up on the maps page. I fixed the two issues I knew about (missing Light Skill and drop shadow on the title). I have also played around with the format of the map a little; I've changed the background and I changed the way the map looks, I was trying to make it easier to read and print. Please let me know what you think of the new format.


I have created a new page that I hope will be helpful to everyone. I have put all of the skills on one page, listed by skill then the locations of each of the Basic, Expert, Master and GM teacher locations. This should be useful for a lot of you. The page is the "All Skills" page located on the "Skills" page.


A real site update! Can you believe it, I have been gone so long I had forgotten what the game was about and where I was in it. Oh well, I'm back for now and hopefully I'll have the time to add a lot of stuff to the site.

Today I've added a new map; Murmurwoods! This one is long overdue. Actually I've had the information lying on my desk for several weeks but I just could not find the time to create it. But here it is. As I was updating the site this morning I found a few minor typos that need to be fixed (no drop shadow on the title; and the Light Magic skill is not listed). I'll update these things tonight.

To go along with the new map I have updated the skills pages to reflect all of the information found in the town. I hope that I have not missed anything.

Want something really AWSOME for free? Visit the Contest page here and check out the new contests that are being offered by Prima Games! The Ultimate Games Contest is AWSOME, Click here and then follow the links at the top of the page to get to the Prima's Contest Sites. Enter EVERY day until the contest is over! CONTEST SITE!

I've put up another contest on the contest page. You can now win a copy of Prima's Might and Magic VIII : Day of the Destroyer guide book. Check out the Contest page.

Not to forget this site, I have added two new pages, the armor page and the weapons page. These are both located on the information page. Hope you find these pages helpful - I would like to thank Ken Rice for supplying me with the information that is found on these pages. Yes folks, I'm still very busy with work and have not had time to play the game much in the last few weeks.


LOOK! Something interesting! I have put up a CONTEST page, now you can enter to win prizes! So far this page has not been announced to the public, so be the first to enter. Just click here : http://www.pottsland.com/contest/! Feel free to give this URL out to anyone who may be interested.

Still working hard, but hopefully it won't be for more then another few weeks. I have updated the maps for the Abandoned temple, the Ogre Fortress and Balthazar's Lair. Basically I corrected a whole lot of typo's - some words just don't come out correct. Anyway, check out the new versions on the Maps page.


No update recently; I have been too busy with real life things to get on the computer at all. One good thing (for me) is that I got my DSL line installed (finally). Now I can surf seriously fast... if I can find some time. Sorry about all the delays; so much more to do so little time to do it. Working 7am till 10pm is not my idea of fun =(.


Lots of time going by and few updates. Work and home have been busy so I have had little time. Also I'm spending my time doing things like making maps! Today I've added Balthazar Lair and Ogre Fortress maps. Let me tell you, the Balthazar Liar map took a LONG time to make, it is very difficult to make a map that looks good that has areas overlapping.

Added the skills found in Garrote Gorge and Balthazar Lair to the skills pages.


Here is a new map of Garrote Gorge, I think I've covered the entire area.

I have also updated the Ravenshore map to contain a house I missed that has the higher level spells #66.

The travel page has been updated to have the information for Garrote Gorge on it.


I've had a productive weekend, I created the Map of Ironsand Desert.

To go along with the Ironsand desert map, I have also updated all of the skills pages to have the correct information for this area.

Added more information about the game lockups on the bugs page.

Updated the Travel Page so to contain the Ravage Roaming and Ironsand information.


I've updated the bugs page to have some additional information on it; including links to the latest drivers for the two cards that I'm using. There has been some additional bugs added to the page also; unfortunatly no solutions. =(

On the Information page I've added a hidden items page; this is used to tell you where you can find things that are stored in abnormal locations.


WOW! So many days without an update! Not that I haven't been trying, I've been trying to collect information.

I've put up an Alchemy about how to make all the potions in the game, it is located on the information page.

There are a few bugs in the game that I've run across, specifically the major crashes. I've put up a page to help others who may be having this same problem - the Bugs and Crashes Page.

Another new page on in the game. This page resides on the create character page because I didn't think it would fit on the information page.


Here is the map of Shadowspire. I have done some different things with this map. For one, I lightened the map image quite a bit before creating the map. Please let me know if this brightness is better. Also I've color coded some of the numbers; White - Generic, Yellow - Basic Skills, Cyan - Expert, Green - Masters, Red - Grand Masters. I am unsure if I like the color coding or not; please let me know what you think. Do you think I should do anything else different? I am thinking about adding the color coding to the text information also. - Dave

To go along with the new map I've also updated the skills tables to reflect the new town. Check out the skills page for the updates.


I got the web board back up and running!

I fixed it so that you can now read the "what's new", I forgot a quote again. Shease two quote problems in one day.

I finally put together the travel table for the game. It isn't complete yet, but it should be helpful none the less. It shows each of the vessels (either boat or caravan) available in each town and where it is heading for each day.

Last night I completed gathering information on the town of Shadowspire so I hope to have a map for it up in the next day or so.


Due to the ulgy situation that occured yesterday where someone couldn't figure out how to use "right click - save image as..." (netscape) or "right click = save picture as..." (IE 5.0) I have made changes to all of the map pages so that there is a nice link at the top labeled "DOWNLOAD". If you are having problems downloading the images of the maps, you can now either shift click (hold down the shift key on your keyboard and LEFT click the link) and your web browser should prompt you on where you want to save the image. You can click the link, let the image load, and the do "File - Save As.." and save it where you want. And finally there is still the right click "Save Image as.." or "Save Picture as.." [note you have to do the right click ON the image] that can be done either on the original image or on the new one that loads after clicking the download link.

I think that most users have had no problems figuring out how to download the maps. Those that did have problems, with the exception of the person from yesterday, sent email asking how to download them. Of course I responded with basically the same information as above. If anyone is still having problems; please let me know and we'll work something out.

On a final note; all the maps are, and always have been free to download and use for yourself. They may not be redistributed or sold without permission (this means you can't publish them in PC-Joker or some other magazine - for those who remember, I had to put it in).

Enjoy, Dave


I didn't do too much work this weekend, but here are two new maps. The Chapel of Eep and the Dire Wolf's Den.

There was a typo on the Class / Skills page that showed the vampire too low and the dark elf too high (one skill was switched). I have now corrected that mistake.

Added two a new relic and new artifact to the Artifacts and Relics page.

I had one hard weekend, and got some b.s. from a user. So I've created a "RANTS" page that will be used from now on to air out issues that are bothering me. Hopefully it won't get updated too often.


Here is a late day update. I have put together some more information about Creating Characters that turns out to be quite interesting.

I added another new map, this one is of the Smuggler's Cove. I tied some new things with this map to see if I could make it look better then the previous dungeon maps, I think I was successful.

I created a Banner and a background for myself, it isn't the best but it definatly looks better then the text one that was there. If someone is good with graphics and would like to do a different one it would be appreciated.

OOPS! I had put up the quests page for Dagger Wound Island and I forgot to put the link there! Well the Quests page now has it.


Sorry for the lack of updates, I was not able to play due to crashing (see above) for a while. Then when I finally did get it figured out I tried to advance my characters in the game. But I have all the info ready for the Smuggler's Cove map so it should be out shortly.


There are a few new pages today, the first one is the "Artifacts and Relics" page. There you will find information on different artifacts and relics found around the world. The second page that I added is the Quests page for Dagger Wound Island. It has all the quests that START on Dagger Wound Island and their solutions.


I had a busy weekend, I managed to crank out another map. This is the map of ALVAR, it is located on the maps page. I have also made some minor modifications to the Dagger Wound Island map, and found two buildings I missed in Ravenshore; both of these maps should now be complete.

I have also updated all of the skills charts on the skills page to reflect the new town. Starting to look good.. lots of data.

Updated the Buying and Selling table on the information page to have the information for both Ravenshore and Alvar.

Some of you may not have noticed, but I've started offering the maps from the different games on pottsland.com for sale. You can now purchase preprinted versions of the maps that I have made. If you see (BUY ME!) next to a map, that means you can order that map directly from me.


I told you it wouldn't be long! Here is the map for RAVENSHORE. This is now posted on the Maps Page.

Updated all of the skills tables on the skills pages to reflect the information found in Ravenshore, so be sure to check them out. If I've made any mistakes please let me know.


Sorry about not posting anything in the last few days, but I've been ill (acutally the whole family has been, and there is nothing like a sick baby to take up all of your time). I'm working on Ravenshore and Abandoned Temple maps, I should have the temple map up very shortly. I have updated the skills pages to reflect all of the information of DWI (not driving while intoxicated, Dagger Wound Island). There are many other items that I've been working on and will get up shortly. Keep checking back!

Another new version of Dagger Wound Island map is up, I fixed a few minor mistakes.

Also on the maps page I've put up The Abandoned Temple map that I created. I hope it will be useful. I should have Ravenshore up in the next day or two.

Added two more NPC's to the NPC table.

I am also having difficulties with the WWWBoard. It was working, I tried to make some changes to fix the followups and now it isn't working at all. I stopped working on it for today because I have other things that I think are more important. I will get back to it shortly.


Still adding more information! I've added several new pages. The first is the Information page, this is where you would go to find things like : What the colors mean or People who buy and sell items.

For those who are stuck, I've added another new page called "Cheats and Walkthrus", this is for those who get stuck playing the game. Use the information on this page at your own risk! The are SPOILERS on this page!

Here should be the final version (unless there are errors) of the Dagger Wound Island Map. I've added the other three islands, and more details. The file size is bigger, but it is necessary.

NOTE: We are experiencing some network problems, acess to the site may be very slow or unavailable for the next day or so (and the last few days). It may effect people from the West Coast more, and should effect their entire on-line experience, not just the pottsland domain.


I've done the first pass on the Dagger Wound Island Map, see the maps page for details!

Oh yeah, I fixed that annoying problem with the pages comming up over the frame, it should be easier to navigate now, and you shouldn't see the Alladvantage ad except the first time the page is loaded.


OK! I managed to get some more stuff up on the site. I started off the Skills pages, I believe I have most of the skills listed for Dagger Wound Isle. The lists are for basic, expert, master and grand master skills, it gives you the town the skill can be found in, along with the house name and the corrasponding map number. Check out the skills page and never search again.

YES! I have the game up and running... without sound, but at least it is running. Maybe I should run out and buy a SB Live (then again I think my wife would kill me) because my MX300 doesn't seem to be doing the job. Oh well, at least I can play the game and start to collect information.

On that note, I have two new pages up. The first one is basically taken from the users manual, it is the information you will need for each of the character classes and their starting abilities. Look at the "Character Creation" page, or directly to the "Character information page". Also for those looking to start a party, look at the NPC's page. Here you will find the information about the different NPC's that can join your party. It is also good to look at before starting the game because maybe you'll want to have one of them join you.

I would like to send out a special thank you to George Ruof of New World Computing for helping me with my problem with getting the game up and running. With people like George at NWC, it is a pleasure for players such as myself to feel good about paying for these games. George, THANK YOU, I owe you a deep debt of gratitiude. - Dave


The game may be out but that doesn't seem to help me one bit. I can't get the game to run on my machine at all. It basically starts of, switches to full screen (or creates a window in windowed mode) and then crashes back to the desktop. I'm running with Windows 2000, 128MB ram, TNT2 card (with newest drivers), and a MX300 sound card. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried it in 32-bit mode, 16-bit mode, without any 3D effect, without any 3D sound, etc.. Nothing seems to work. I get an error message saying that an error log is being created but I have no idea where that log file is, I searched for it but no luck. If I can't get the game to run then I don't think I will do a site for it; also if it doesn't get running soon then there is no real reason to do a site either.

Oh well, if someone knows what's wrong let me know how to fix it (and it isn't windows 2000). I'll try getting in contact with NWC today.



THE GAME IS OUT! Today I obtained a copy of it during lunch, and I'm looking forward to putting in a some time on it ASAP. I have already started working on the site, adding data from the manual in an organized mannor, Soon I'll post it to the site. Right now there is almost nothing on this site, but keep checking back soon because it is going to be filled with stuff!

On another note, I'm looking for someone to do a graphic for this site. If you look at the MM6 site, and can make something like that it would be appreciated. Also looking for a background image. If any of you out there have good artistic abilities and would like to make a few images for me I would be grateful and I'll give you credit for it here on the site.


I would like to take this opportunity to talk with everyone about my aspirations for the pottsland domain.

I have been asked many times, why I run a web site like pottsland?  Well I have always had the desire to play games; and role playing games have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I want to be able to share this love with everyone out there, to see what I see in these games.  Often games don't live up to their expectations and even when the game is decent, some part may be very frustrating.  I try to provide people with enough information to keep them interested in the games, and to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Where would I like to take this domain?  I would love the opportunity to work with game companies who are developing RPG's (or Adventure games) to develop a collection of sites based on some of the best games ever written.  When a game is a success, I want to be the site that everyone thinks of first.  Sure there are sites that cover every game that comes out, but I want the most information about only the BEST games on the market.

Why am I qualified?  Why is anyone qualified?  I have been playing computer games since the first personal computers were available, I have played most of the classics, but in general I have kept to the Role Playing and/or Adventure game category.  One of my past jobs gave me the chance to do game testing, to verify that our products were working correctly with as many games as possible.  In my time, I have easily played THOUSANDS of games, many that people have never heard of, and of course, the mega-blockbusters.

Why am I rambling on like this?  I like my job, I get to design the chips that many of you are using in your computers right this minute.  Yet I am far from being financially stable (mortgage, wife, son, mortgage) and would like to be able to make more money.  I am not expecting to make millions (although if I do I won't complain), I am looking for a way to supplement my income.

So what do I want?  I want to be able to work with game companies on their new and upcoming games.  I can program, beta-test, develop plots, give game play feedback, I can do just about anything.  I would like the opportunity to work with companies to help them design the best games possible.  If the game is something that I think is a failure, I will tell them, and why.  But if I feel that there is a major hit coming along, I would like the opportunity to work with the developers to make sure it is the best that it can be.   Do I want to get paid for all this?  If possible, but I would also like the chance to develop the best web site for those HIT games on the internet before the game is released.   I understand the need for silence, and I am an honest puck who will never release any information about any project until the final release is available to the public.  I am more then willing to sign NDA's that state this.

What can you all do about this?  Well if you are a game developer, then think of me when you need someone to do something.  If you aren't a developer, but know someone who is, then ask them to give me a chance.  If you are just another person as myself; then I just hope that you will enjoy these sites (click on the ads if you feel they offer you something you may want).  Of course if you are in a position to help me earn some extra cash doing something else, let me know, I'm always interested.  I don't want handouts from anyone, I am just looking for opportunities to do work; or at least develop this domain further.

Thank you all for listening to my ramblings, I guess I'm just a bit depressed that financially I am feeling the pinch; and I just want the best for my son and wife.

OK, this site has been established, but there is NOTHING here, the game isn't out yet!

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