Game Bugs and Crash Information

The game crashes back to the desktop when the "3DO" (when the game is loading) logo appears
This problem seems to occure the most for users who are running with Windows 2000 and are also using a Aureal 3D card. The problem is that the drivers are not working 100% (and with the current situation at Aureal they may never be working) for Windows 2000. If you turn off the 3D Positioning then you should be able to get the game to load and play. The problem is that the configuration program that comes with the game does not work correctly. Here are the steps that you should take if you are having this problem :
  1. Start - Run (run a program)
  2. regedit (loads the registry editor)
  3. Search - "New World Computing" (search for the NWC string)
  4. Make sure the Key found is "My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\New World Computing\Day of the Destroyer\1.0"
  5. Change the key "3DSoundAvailable" to be '0'
  6. Change the key "Disable3DSound" to be '1'
  7. Exit regedit
  8. RIGHT click on the icon for MM8 on your desktop
  9. Select Properities
  10. Under program name, change "mm8setup.exe" to be "mm8.exe"
  11. Apply, and quit
  12. You're Done, you should now be able to load and play the game, but without 3D sound (you will have standard sound)!

UPDATE: Aureal has released Windows 2000 BETA drivers for the VORTEX 2 chipset (MX300/MX400 cards), get them here and try them out. I did test out the new drivers and I was unable to find any improvement at all with them.

The game Locks up while playing

I have been having this problem since the beginning of the game and really have been frustrated with it. But this was sent to me, and it does seem to work (I have only tested it for a few hours). The trick is do not use the quick save (F11) key! Always save your game by using the main menu (ESC - SAVE). I was a little skeptical about this at first, but it does appear to help. Since I've been doing this I have not experienced a single crash.

UPDATE: It has now been reported that it may be the saving over and over again to the same file that is causing some of the problems; try saving to a different save slot and see if that helps your problem.

NOTE: After spending a few more hours with it, I have to say that it seems to help reduce the number of crashes, but they still happen. I can't say for sure that this is a cause or just luck (bad luck?)

It also appears that many people who are having this problems have either TNT2 or GeForce chips. It has been suggested that underclocking the card by about 5 MHz will help reduce the lockups also. Make sure you have the latest reference drivers from nVidia, you can get them here.

BIG UPDATE: Going on the idea that underclocking the card will help the lockup problems, and the thought that my machine has been exeriencing heat problems (the game would lock up much quicker if I had the machine running for a long time before starting the game). Inside my case I have a fan that is moving air at 80cf/min! That is some major air flow, but the problem is that it doesn't help if you are moving hot air. So this weekend I pulled out my reciprocating (sp?) saw and cut a 4" x 4" hole in the side of the case (covered with a screen to keep baby hands out). So far I have had ZERO lockups and this is after some major playing, the machine was on all weekend, and our tempurature was close to 85! This looks like the solution; maybe the nVidia chips are running just a little too hot. (if someone wants to send me a GeForce I'll test it out for them to see if this would help).

Storing stuff in the "safe" chests, and still loose them!

Later in the game you are told that you can store items in specific chests without fear of loosing them. Well this isn't true. When the area respawns all your items in these chests will also be lost. If they are lost the only thing you can do is go to the Seer and see if he can replace them. See the bug below for additional information.

The Seer give you incorrect items

The Seer is in the game for you to get items back that you may have lost along your journey that are needed to complete some quests. Well it has been reported the the Seer will occasionally give you WRONG items; or multiple copies of the same items and NEVER give you the items you need. If this happens you have a few choices. 1) Wait for the region where the items are orginally found to respawn and you can get them again. 2) Load a saved game. or 3) Use a character editor to give you the stuff you need.

Walking through a secret (locked) door.

If you park yourself in front of a secret door - even one you can't open, save the game, then reload it, making sure your characters are in "run forward" mode as it loads, you will find yourself on the other side of the secret door.

NOTE: I tried this in the Merchant Library in Ravenshore and it did not work; but it may work in other locations.

Getting into all areas in the Smuggler's Cove after getting the quests.

In the Smuggler's Cove some areas a blocked off once you get the quest from the leader. Well you can still get into these areas without any problems. If you walk diagonally at the enterence so that you pass right along the edge of the wall at the enterence you can get in. It is difficult to do sometimes but you can do it for EVERY area that is blocked off. This has been confirmed.

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