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What's New
The web site is growing all of the time, there are changes that are major, and there are changes that are minor.  But irregardless of how much they impact the site, this is the page where all of the updates are listed.  Links to the changed page are available.
Looking for people, places or things? Well then, they have to be listed here, because these are the maps to the game. Everything you will need to know to find your way around the world and then some!
Quest Guide
I've started a collection of quests, so far there are about six that I have found, I'm working on getting them together in some useful form so that they can be posted asap.
You can't have a party unless you have companions, and where do you find the correct people? Well look at this list of who is available and there starting specification.
Character Creation
For those who are starting out in the game, and would like a little more information on what characters to create and what the statistics are for each of the types of characters then this is hwere you will want to look.
The complete guide to finding the skill trainers that you need. You'll find the skills listed by skill and by town for easy reference. No more searching town after town to find the master you are looking for, know exactly where to find him. Also pin-point the house and the map number for ever easier lookup.
Important Game Information
When you are looking for information that may not be catagorized into one of the other areas, then check out this page. Here you will find information that is important to playing the game, without really giving away too much information.
Cheats and Walkthrus
Sometimes you just do not know how to progress in the game, or you've missed something and don't want to go back for it. Well here is are the answers to puzzles, walkthru's for areas, and lots of other information that you many not want to know. There are SPOILERS in this section!
Bugs and Crashes
OK, OK, no game is perfect... there are a few little bugs here and there. Here is a list of the bugs that I've been encountering; some a are majore issues like game crashes, others are little annoyances. If possible I've posted solutions to the problems also.

Who we are
Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why about the people behind the creation of this site.   Are we wackos?  Do we not have a life?   Look here and you'll find all the answers (even though they may not make any sense) that you are looking for.
Send Email
OK!  This is the important link.  This is where you click if you want to send us some type of email.  But whatever you do PLEASE read the next page very carefully before you decided to send us email.

Book Reviews and Sales
Read reviews of different types of books, see what books have really made an impresson on me.  Then buy the book online if you are interested in it.

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