Locations of the Skills

All Skills
This is the master list of all of the skills with each basic, expert, master and grand master trainer listed for that skill along with the town they are in and the corrasponding map number. This chart should make it easier for people to follow one specific skill from basic to GM easier then looking at four different charts.
Basic Skills by Skill
Here you will find a list of all of the basic skills arranged by the skill name. For each of the skills you will find a the name of the town, house and a corrasponding map number of where you can learn the skill. 
Basic Skills by Town
Traveling to a specific town? Take a quick look at the basic skill list organized by town so you know what skills are available when you get there. You'll get the skills ordered by town, along with the house name and map numbers. 
Expert Skills by Skill
Once you've mastered your basic skills it is time to move on to the expert levels. Here you'll find all of the information you'll need to find the expert trainers for a specific skill. 
Expert Skills by Town
Just obtained enough skill points to move to expert level? Well look up the town here and see if it has an expert trainer to advance your skill. 
Master Skills by Skill
Finding the masters for your skills can really be a pain if you don't know where to head off to. Well with this little baby in your pocket you'll know exactly where to head. Pull up the list, look at the skill and head off to the location. What could be easier? 
Master Skills by Town
Excuse me sir, but I'm new to this town. Could you please point me in the direction of the closest Perception Master? Don't look like a fool stopping to ask for directions (no man in his right mind would) know where you are going before you start your journey. 
Grand Master Skills by Skill
By this level you should already know your way around the towns quite well, but with so many places that look alike, how is anyone susposed to remember where all the Grand Masters are located? Don't kill brain cells by memorizing them, look here! 
Grand Master Skills by Town
Not every gods like person knows every detail of every town, but YOU can sure act like it by just using this handy dandy guide to the grand masters. 

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