Basic Skills by Town

Air Magic Elemental Guild 41
Alchemy Prepared Potions 7
Armsmaster Guild Training Hall 10
Body Magic House of Healing 27
Body Building Guild Training Hall 10
Bow Polished Steel 6
Chain Armor Armory 8
Dagger Polished Steel 6
Disarm Traps Profit House 11
Earth Magic Elemental Guild 41
Fire Magic Elemental Guild 41
Identify Item Arcane Items 9
Identify Monster Prepared Potions 7
Learning Elemental Guild 41
Leather Armor Armory 8
Meditation House of Healing 27
Merchant House of Healing 21
Mind Magic House of Healing 27
Perception Profit House 11
Plate Armor Armory 8
Regeneration House of Healing 21
Repair Item Arcane Items 9
Shield Armory 8
Spirit Magic House of Healing 27
Sword Polished Steel 6
Water Magic Elemental Guild 41
Balthazar Lair
Alchemy Perius' Powders 12
Armsmaster Balthazar Academy 19
Axe Ayzar's Axes 4
Body Building Balthazar Academy 19
Chain Armor Linked Mail 5
Identify Item Amulets of Power 16
Identify Monster Perius' Powders 12
Merchant The Shaman 18
Regeneration The Shaman 18
Repair Item Amulets of Power 12
Spear Ayzar's Axes 4
Staff Ayzar's Axes 4
Dagger Wound Island
Air Magic Cures and Curses 2
Alchemy Herbal Elixers 1
Armsmaster Rites of Passage 16
Axe True Mettle 25
Body Building Rites of Passage 16
Bow House of Thistle 26
Disarm Traps The Grob and Grub 3
Earth Magic Cures and Curses 2
Identify Item Fearsome Fetishes 6
Identify Monster Herbal Elixers 1
Learning Cures and Curses 2
Leather Armor The Tannery 22
Mace True Mettle 25
Merchant Mystic Medicine 9
Repair Item Fearsome Fetishes 6
Shield The Tannery 22
Staff True Mettle 25
Sword True Mettle 25
Water Magic Herbal Elixers 1
Garrote Gorge
Armsmaster Godric's Gauntlet 9
Axe Lance's Spear 5
Body Building Godric's Gauntlet 9
Chain Armor Plated Protection 6
Disarm Traps Dragon's Blood Inn 2
Identify Item Wards and Pendants 3
Merchant Sacred Steel 1
Perception Dragon's Blood Inn 2
Plate Armor Plated Protection 6
Regeneration Sacred Steel 1
Repair Item Wards and Pendants 3
Shield Plated Protedtion 6
Spear Lance's Spear 5
Sword Lance's Spear 5
Ironsand Desert
Disarm Traps Parched Throat 14
Perception Parched Throat 14
Disarm Traps Traveler's Rest 11
Light Magic Guild of Light 4
Meditation Guild of Light 4
Perception Traveler's Rest 11
Air Magic Vexation's Hexes 30
Alchemy Apothecary 36
Chain Armor The Polsihed Shield 19
Dagger Keen Edge 28
Disarm Traps The Dancing Ogre 62
Disarm Traps Kessel's Kantina 35
Earth Magic Vexation's Hexes 30
Fire Magic Vexation's Hexes 30
Identify Item Needful Things 29
Identify Monster Apothecary 36
Leather Armor The Polsihed Shield 19
Merchant Sanctum 7
Perception The Dancing Ogre 62
Perception Kessel's Kantina 35
Repair Item Needful Things 29
Staff Keen Edge 28
Sword Keen Edge 28
Water Magic Vexation's Hexes 30
Alchemy Poultices and Cures 22
Axe Custom Cutlass 36
Chain Armor Karr Battlegear 32
Disarm Traps Pirate's Rest 30
Identify Item Gifts of Regna 20
Identify Monster Poultices and Cures 22
Leather Armor Karr Battlegear 32
Merchant The Blessed Sea 24
Perception Pirate's Rest 30
Plate Armor Karr Battlegear 32
Regeneration The Blessed Sea 24
Repair Item Gifts of Regna 20
Shield Karr Battlegear 32
Spear Custom Cutlass 36
Staff Custom Cutlass 36
Alchemy Wolves' Bane 45
Armsmaster Assassin's Guild 26
Body Building Assassin's Guild 26
Dagger Blooded Daggers and Blades 24
Dark Magic Guild of Dark 28
Disarm Traps Black Company 3
Identify Item Mystical Mayhem 44
Identify Monster Wolves' Bane 45
Leather Armor Supple Leather 22
Mace Blooded Daggers and Blades 24
Meditation Guild of Dark 28
Merchant Cathedral of Night 18
Perception Black Company 3
Regeneration Cathedral of Night 18
Repair Item Mystical Mayhem 44
Shield Supple Leather 22
Staff Blooded Daggers and Blades 24
Sword Blooded Daggers and Blades 24

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