Grand Master Skills by Town

Bow Hall of Solis 39
Dark Elf Skills Agraynel Hall 34
Balthazar Lair
Axe Senjac's House 11
Perception Suretail House 15
Dagger Wound Island
Alchemy House of Ich 27
Regeneration Ush's Hut 20
Spear Long Tail's Hut 10
Dragon Cave
Dragon Skill Scarwing's Cave 4
Garrote Gorge
Learning Lightsworn Residence 16
Plate Armor Ironfist Residence 17
Ironsand Desert
Body Building Hovel of Greenstorm 9
Leather Armor Talion's Hovel 5
Mace Hearthsworn Hovel 3
Body Magic Snowtree Residence 13
Mind Magic Dreamwright Residence 14
Regeneration Tonk Residence 3
Spirit Magic Ravensight Residence 10
Identify Monster Stonecleaver Hall 12
Merchant Quicktounge Estate 43
Armsmaster Steelcoif Hall 29
Chain Armor Burnkindle's Spoils 23
Dagger Nirses Loot 21
Dark Magic Shadow Runner's Vault 35
Disarm Traps Lifter's Lockup 33
Light Magic Cleareye Hall 26
Sword Dragontracker Hall 25
Identify Item Roggen Hall 10
Meditation Nightcrawler Estate 4
Vampire Skills House of Arachnia 5

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