Expert Skills by Town

Alchemy Watershed Cottage 23
Dagger Vespers Hall 38
Dark Elf Skills Dervish Estate 36
Dark Magic Darkenmoore Hall 29
Identify Item Sparkman Home 28
Mind Magic House of Keewlen 33
Perception Nightwalker Cottage 30
Shield Moore Cottage 35
Balthazar Lair
No Experts in this town
Dagger Wound Island
Air Magic House of Reshie 12
Body Magic Zevah's Hut 29
Body Building Menasaur's House 34
Bow True Mettle 26
Disarm Traps House of Ich 27
Earth Magic House of Grivic 5
Leather Armor Thadin's House 11
Merchant Isthric's House 30
Plate Armor Bone's House 31
Dragon Cave
Dragon Skill Ishton's Cave 3
Garrote Gorge
Armsmaster Slayer Residence 25
Axe Foestyke Residence 15
Identify Monster Maker Residence 20
Ironsand Desert
Regeneration Tarent Hovel 11
Learning Mithril Residence 9
Chain Armor Forgewright Estate 51
Fire Magic Temper Hall 17
Light Magic Archibald's House 57
Mace Townsaver Hall 27
Meditation Putnam's House 15
Repair Item Lott's Family Home 58
Spear Townsaver Hall 27
Spirit Magic House of Hawthorn 8
Staff Puddle's Hovel 52
Sword Luodrin House 23
Water Magic Pederton Place 53
Vampire Skills House Shador 13

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