Master Skills by Town

Chain Armor Eversmyle Hall 37
Disarm Traps House of Lightfinger 32
Earth Magic Sablewood Hall 25
Fire Magic Steele Estate 26
Meditation House of Nevermore 3
Merchant Iverson Estate 15
Spear Withersmythe Estate 40
Balthazar Lair
Air Magic Stormeye's House 7
Leather Armor Hollyfield House 23
Mind Magic Lott's House 22
Dagger Wound Island
Armsmaster Lasatin's Hut 33
Identify Item Languid's Hut 28
Dragon Cave
Dragon Skill Ithilgore's Cave 2
Garrote Gorge
Body Magic Arin Residence 13
Body Building Otterton Residence 10
Mace Morningstar Residence 14
Repair Item Jendi Residence 27
Spirit Magic Kern Residence 26
Sword Stormlance Residence 11
Ironsand Desert
Staff Stone's Hovel 4
Water Magic Hovel of Mist 8
Alchemy Treasures Residence 1
Identify Monster Keenedge Residence 6
Light Magic Dantillion's Residence 12
Regeneration Sampson Residence 7
Axe Hunter's Hovel 61
Bow House of Nosewort 56
Dagger Jobber's Home 40
Dark Elf Caverhill Estate 37
Plate Armor Botham Hall 5
Dark Magic House Umberpool 25
Learning Mistspring Residence 6
Perception Steeleye Estate 30
Shield Nightwood Estate 16
Vampire Skills Dirthmoore Cottage 20

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