Character Creation

Starting Character Information
This page has all the statistical information you need to know about all of the possible starting characters.  The tables are basically taken directly from the manual, but they have been organized based on the character type instead of the skill type.
Cleric / Priest of Light Dark Elf / Patriarch
Dragon / Great Wyrm Knight / Champion
Minotaur / Minotaur Lord Necromancer / Lich
Troll / War Troll Vampire / Nosferatu
Class vs. Skill
With all the different skills for all of the classes it is difficult to see if one class is stronger or better then another. This table will try and show mathmatically what class is the best class or what class you may want to seriously ditch because it is underpowered.
The Best Class for a Skill
Because every class can be promoted to a different level and they have different abilities, here is a table that shows what class can be promoted to the highest level for a skill. It is interesting to see that some classes may turn out to be more useful then others.
Starting Off
This is a collection of tips that should help a new player to get started with the game. Basically what I think is a good idea to do early in the game so that you can move along at a nice pace.

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