The Best Class for a Skill

Magic Skills Best Class Combat Skills Best Class Misc. Skills Best Class
Fire Necromancer Sword Knight Disarm Traps Dark Elf
Air Necromancer Axe Minotaur Perception Minotaur or Dragon
Water Necromancer Staff Troll Merchant Dark Elf
Earth Necromancer Spear Knight Learning Necromancer
Spirit Cleric Dagger Vampire Meditation Necromancer
Mind Cleric Bow Dark Elf Body Building Knight
Body Cleric Mace Troll Identify Item Dragon
Light Cleric Leather Troll Repair Item Knight
Dark Necromancer Chain Dark Elf Identify Monster Vampire
Vampire Vampire Plate Knight Armsmaster Knight
Elf Dark Elf Shield Knight Alchemy Necromancer
Dragon Dragon - - Regeneration Troll
Skills marked in BOLD/ITALIC are the skills that I believe are very important to become Grand Master in as soon as possible.  The only exception that could be made to this list is the Repair Item selection, it is very important to have a character that is at least master level, but grand master may not be necessary to obtain, but it would be nice.  Also by reviewing the chart it is easy to see that I feel that it is important to have a Necromancer, Dark Elf and Dragon in your party.  Remember, these are my opinions, they may not reflect the way that you play the game and therefor if they are right for you.

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