Starting Off

Starting off in the game
Your first goal in the game is to get off of the Dagger Wound Islands. Well, this turns out to be quite easy, but here are a few recommendations that I have before you leave the area.
  1. Get the teleporters working, and then run by the pirates to get out to the other islands; head directly to the Abandoned temple to get the NPC at the enterence. Now head back thru the teleporters to the main island and fight the pirates; this NPC will help you out a lot!
  2. Get BOW skill for EVERYONE in your group that can handle it, and try to get them up to expert level if at all possible because picking things off from a distance makes life a lot easier.
  3. Stay on the main island fighting the pirates until you are level 5; don't train if you don't have to until you can get to level 5 for each character. (Training takes a week per level; but all characters can train within that week, this will save you some game time)
  4. Try and finish as many quests as possible before you leave DWI, they give you exp... but don't worry if you don't finish them all; you'll be back.
When you first get to Ravenshore :
  1. Avoid the Centaur's, they are not so easy for a low level group.
  2. Go after the Dire Wolves on the plains first; avoid fighting them, try and take them out with the bows from a distance
  3. Once you are about level 8 or 9, go after the Smuggler's Cove. It may be a bit hard, but financially it is well worth it.
  4. Now go back and take out the Chapel of Eep, and the Dire Wolves Den.
Other things to consider :
  1. One of the most popular things to do at the beginning of the game, is to head out to Garrot Gorge and get a dragon NPC in your party! They are major characters that can do massive ammounts of damage, having one in your part at very low levels almost seems like cheating.

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