Hidden Stuff

Stop and Smell the Roses in Garrote Gorge
I found some whacked out flowers in Garrote Gorge. Apparently, one of them has a root system that can hold treasure. It's located (coming from the camp in town) on the right past a house or two situated by a tree and is the only flower to be labeled as such.

The trees are in bloom in Ravenshore
In Ravenshore head to -4666, 14481 and then click on the tree. There should be a secret surprise in there for you.

The Walls aren't as strong as they look at the Ogre's Fortress
If you go to the Ogre's Fortress in Alvar, around back (inside the first wall) if you click on the wall you'll find that there is a secret chest there. It has some nice items in it. HINT: If you can't get through the Ogre fortress to get to this area; go to the cliffs above the fortress, cast feather fall and jump. You'll need to kill 4 Ogres but the reward is decent.

Plentiful trees on Regna Island
When you finally get to Regna Island,there are a two trees there with hidden stuff in them. Both trees are on the island in the center, the first tree is to the right (see the Regna Island Map) of house #22, while the second is to the left of house #20. Clicking on these trees will find you some potion bottles or something of that nature.

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