Basic Potions
Component Mixing Description
Red Cure Wounds
Yellow Cure Weakness
Blue Magic Potion
Red + Yellow = Orange Cure Disease
Red + Blue = Purple Cure Poison
Yellow + Blue = Green Awaken
Expert Potions
Component Mixing Description
Red + Green Bless
Orange + Green Cure Insanity
Yellow + Green Harden Item
Red + Orange Hasten
Red + Purple Heroism
Blue + Orange Preservation
Blue + Green Recharege Item
Purple + Green Remove Curse
Orange + Purple Remove Fear
Blue + Purple Shield
Yellow + Orange Stone Skin
Yellow + Purple Water Breathing
Master Potions
Component Mixing Description
Stone Skin + Orange Boost Accuracy
Harden Item + Green Boost Intellect
Heroism + Shield Boost Luck
Heroism + Purple Boost Might
Recharge + Green Boost Personality
Haste + Orange Boost Speed
Harden Item + Orange Cure Paralysis
Stone Skin + Green Divine Cure
Harden Item + Recharge Divine Power
Harden Item + Heroism Divine Restoration
Haste + Recharge Divine Restoration
Haste + Green Potion "Flaming"
Stone Skin + Purple Potion "Flaming"
Heroism + Green Potion "Freezing"
Harden Item + Purple Potion "Noxious"
Recharge + Orange Potion "Noxious"
Haste + Purple Potion "Shocking"
Heroism + Orange Potion "Shocking"
Recharge + Purple Potion "Swift"
Haste + Shield Air Resistance
Recharge + Stone Skin Body Resistance
Heroism + Stone Skin Earth Resistance
Harden Item + Haste Fire Resistance
Heroism + Recharge Mind Resistance
Harden Item + Shield Water Resistance
Grand Master Potions
Component Mixing Description
Boost Accuracy + Green Pure Accuracy
Boot Personality + Purple Pure Personality
Boost Intellect + Orange Pure Intellect
Boost Speed + Purple Pure Speed
Boost Might + Orange Pure Might
Potion "Swift" + Stoneskin Pure Luck
Boost Endurance + Green Pure Endurance
Shield + Purple Stone to Flesh
Potion "Flaming" + Shield Slaying Potion
Divine Restoration + Preservation Rejuvenation

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