People who Buy and Sell Items

Item Transaction Price Person Town Map #
Dire Wolf Pelts Buying 250 Hall of the Tracker Ravenshore 63
Ogre Ears Buying ??? Keldon's Cottage Alvar 49
Pure Luck Potion Making ??? Home of Rihansi Alvar 43
Tobersk Brandy Buying ??? Long Tail Dagger Wound 10
Tobersk Fruit Selling ??? Treblid's Home Ravenshore 49
Tobersk Fruit Selling 200 Long Tail Dagger Wound 10
Tobersk Pulp Buying 300 Treblid's Home Ravenshore 49
Wasp Stinger Buying ??? Veldon's Cottage Alvar 46
Weapons Making ??? Bombah Hall Alvar 44

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