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  • No update today, I'm starting to run out of ideas. I have some things but they will take me a while to put together; anyone have any suggestions?
07/30/98 07/29/98 07/28/98 07/27/98 07/24/98
  • All is back to normal! I can log in and update the site and people can actually get into it!
  • Added an Enchantments page, this page has a list of possible enchantments that can be made (it may not be complete), on the hints page.
  • Added a page on how to get to the NWC dungeon on the spoilers page (Semi Spoiler!)
  • Finally the site is back up! It has been down for about 3 days now, and it finally returned today about 1:00pm. This was all due to a server error at the ISP end, so there was nothing I could do. Unfortunately I still can't log in to update the site.
07/22/98 07/21/98 07/20/98 07/17/98 07/16/98
  • No updates today. Sorry, too busy catching up.
07/15/98 07/14/98
  • No updates today, my wife was in a car accident last night. Mom and Baby are fine, just a little shaken up (but not stirred).
  • Since so many people have asked, and because they are now trying to screw us again (they significantly reduced their insulting offer!) here is the information on them. The magazine is PCJoker out of Germany, their email address is jokerhome@aol.com and their home page is at http://www.pcjoker.de/ please, let's send them email telling them your opinions on about. Address all email to both, Michael Labiner (Producer) and Markus Ziegler (editor, the one who really stole the material).
  • Updated the Bugs Page
  • Updated the Easter Eggs Page
  • Added a Mail To page, complete with directions and ideas on when and how to send email.
  • Updated the Questions Page
  • Updated the Travel Page, fixed the schedule for Queen Catherine
07/09/98 07/08/98
  • After cooling down a bit and trying to think more clearly, I have decided NOT to take down the site. Thanks to all those who sent messages of encouragement; it is because of all the decent people that I feel I should keep going with my work.
  • Updated the Easter Eggs page
  • Updated the Bugs Page
  • I need to vent some steam. There is nothing worse then someone who steals from another! Several web sites have taken works right off of this page and posted them as their own. This is illegal, all the works on these pages are copyrighted and you must have written permission to use them. I have to say, most site authors are good enough to ask, and the few that didn't, when confronted modified their sites to give credit and link this site. What upsets me more then anything is that a certain magazine has published, for profit pages from this site without permission and without giving credit! When asked about it, they offered their standard fee (an insult), and nothing more. You see, they are not in the US and think that they can get away with it because they are far away. Well there are laws to protect the rights of this site, and I will use them fully. I don't know why I'm telling you all this, but I'm upset and I guess that is why I'm really considering taking down this site.
  • Added the answer to Question #37
  • Added a Bugs page
07/06/98 07/03/98
  • No updates, holiday.
07/02/98 07/01/98
  • Spell Checked many of the pages. Wow I didn't realize it was THAT bad!
  • Several minor fixes to the site.
  • Updated the Travel Routes page, it offers more details now.
  • Updated the Files page, added another spell sheet and an archive of this site as of today.
  • If you have any ideas, hints, notes, changes please e-mail them to me; I'm starting to run out of ideas on my own. Sometimes ideas take time to implement, so you many not see them for a while, but I'm trying to do as many as I can. mm6@pottsland.com

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