New Sorpigal Death Gold (Early on Help) (Potential SPOILER!)
Obelisk & Pedestal Locations (Potential SPOILER!)
Key to the Goblin Watch (Potential SPOILER!)
All Obelisk Messages (Potential SPOILER!)
Temple of Baa Cash (Semi SPOILER!)
New Sorpigal Teleporter (Semi SPOILER!)
Castle Kriegspire Cash (Semi SPOILER!)
Temple of the Sun Scrolls (Semi SPOILER!)
Silver Helm Hidden Stuff (Semi SPOILER!)
Hidden Gem in Arar Labratory (Semi SPOILER!)
How to Complete the Fire Lord Quest (Semi SPOILER!)
Dragoon Caverns Luck (Semi SPOILER!)
How to get to the New World Computing Dungeon (Semi SPOILER!)
Solution to the Goblin Watch (SPOILER!)
Temple of Baa Solution to Secret Doors (SPOILER!)
What to do with Circus Items (SPOILER!)
Obelisk Solution (SPOILER!)
Obelisk Treasure Location (SPOILER!)
Castle Alamos Password (SPOILER!)
Castle Alamos Password & Memory Crystal Location (SPOILER!)
How to use the Queen Catherine (SPOILER!)
Temple of Varn Passwords (SPOILER!)
Frozen Highlands Shadow Guild Teleporter Destinations (SPOILER!)
Answers to the Frozen Highlands Shadow Guild Riddles (SPOILER!)
Damsel in Distress Walk-Thru (SPOILER!)

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