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  • Yes, I'm still sick. I've been in bed for the last week or so. I decided to come into work today but still don't feel good so who knows how long I'll be here. Anyway, for all those people who sent me email over the last week or so (there are hundreds of you), don't expect a reply, I'm not really up to sending out email this morning. Actually I don't know when I'll get back to replying to email, I've got a lot of work to catch up on and I don't even know if I'm up to it yet. Yuck... I hate being sick, I just hope my wife or the baby to be don't get it.
08/18/98 08/17/98
  • Still not feeling the best, so no update today.
  • Fixed many of the return links, most of them should be working now (they don't load the frames document inside the frames document).
  • Added a bug about the Italian version of the game on the Bugs page.
  • Added another Attributes page to the reference page. This one has lots of good stat information.
  • No update today either, I'm back at work, but have a lot of things to catch up on. I do have a lot of updates to make so I'll try and get them in for tomorrow.
  • No update, I was out sick for the day so I didn't feel like sitting in front of my computer to update the site.
  • Updated some of the links so that they point to the correct place. I fixed the non-frames version link. If you don't like the frames, load http://www.pottsland.com/mm6/main.html instead and that will bring you to the non-linked page. Some of the return links don't work correctly yet but I'm working on them.
  • Updated the Lloyd's beacon spell "bug", it doesn't appear to work correctly.
  • Updated Question #14's answer to have more information.
  • I have decided to put up the new version of the web site today. I believe that most of the links will work correctly but if you find one that doesn't please report it to me. If you link directly to this page; please go to http://www.pottsland.com/mm6/ to see the page the way that it should be.
  • Updated the bugs page, some new version 1.1 bugs have been discovered.
  • Added another Easter egg to the egg page.
  • Continuing work on the new layout for the site.
  • Updated the NPC list to have the "Mystic" NPC, appended the scholar's abilities, and fixed a few other minor typos.
  • Added another Easter egg to the egg page.
  • Working on reorganizing the site.
08/05/98 08/04/98 08/03/98

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