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I would like to take this opportunity to talk with everyone about my aspirations for the pottsland domain.

I have been asked many times, why I run a web site like pottsland?  Well I have always had the desire to play games; and role playing games have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I want to be able to share this love with everyone out there, to see what I see in these games.  Often games don't live up to their expectations and even when the game is decent, some part may be very frustrating.  I try to provide people with enough information to keep them interested in the games, and to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Where would I like to take this domain?  I would love the opportunity to work with game companies who are developing RPG's (or Adventure games) to develop a collection of sites based on some of the best games ever written.  When a game is a success, I want to be the site that everyone thinks of first.  Sure there are sites that cover every game that comes out, but I want the most information about only the BEST games on the market.

Why am I qualified?  Why is anyone qualified?  I have been playing computer games since the first personal computers were available, I have played most of the classics, but in general I have kept to the Role Playing and/or Adventure game category.  One of my past jobs gave me the chance to do game testing, to verify that our products were working correctly with as many games as possible.  In my time, I have easily played THOUSANDS of games, many that people have never heard of, and of course, the mega-blockbusters.

Why am I rambling on like this?  I like my job, I get to design the chips that many of you are using in your computers right this minute.  Yet I am far from being financially stable (mortgage, wife, son, mortgage) and would like to be able to make more money.  I am not expecting to make millions (although if I do I won't complain), I am looking for a way to supplement my income.

So what do I want?  I want to be able to work with game companies on their new and upcoming games.  I can program, beta-test, develop plots, give game play feedback, I can do just about anything.  I would like the opportunity to work with companies to help them design the best games possible.  If the game is something that I think is a failure, I will tell them, and why.  But if I feel that there is a major hit coming along, I would like the opportunity to work with the developers to make sure it is the best that it can be.   Do I want to get paid for all this?  If possible, but I would also like the chance to develop the best web site for those HIT games on the internet before the game is released.   I understand the need for silence, and I am an honest puck who will never release any information about any project until the final release is available to the public.  I am more then willing to sign NDA's that state this.

What can you all do about this?  Well if you are a game developer, then think of me when you need someone to do something.  If you aren't a developer, but know someone who is, then ask them to give me a chance.  If you are just another person as myself; then I just hope that you will enjoy these sites (click on the ads if you feel they offer you something you may want).  Of course if you are in a position to help me earn some extra cash doing something else, let me know, I'm always interested.  I don't want handouts from anyone, I am just looking for opportunities to do work; or at least develop this domain further.

Thank you all for listening to my ramblings, I guess I'm just a bit depressed that financially I am feeling the pinch; and I just want the best for my son and wife.

Someone managed to get into the site this past weekend and delete everything. I have some of the information from the site, but I don't know if I have it all. I know the maps page is totally gone at this time, but I may have a backup of it, but I am unsure. I will try and find all of the missing pages today or tomorrow (all the other sites in the pottsland domain have also been effected). I am trying to minimize the down time. Dave
  • Yes I know that it has been a long time since an update but I have been very busy with work recently and I just haven't had all that much free time (and what time I do have I was updating the Baldur's gate page).  But now I'm ready to continue with the update and get things going. 
  • Updated the Questions and Answer page with the following questions
    • #13 : The Golem Torso is missing
    • #14 : The location of the Tularean Forest
    • #15 : Keys of the Walls of Mist
    • #16 : Where can I use the faerie key
    • #17 : Why is the judge not dead
    • #18 : The beeding zone's Locked door
    • #19 : Questions about what to do next
  • Added an Easter Eggs about Thomas Moore and Leonard Skinner on the Easter Eggs page.
  • Added a new page for Artifacts and Relics.
  • Added the new Mirror page.  This contains a list of all sites that are currently mirroring the House of Honor.  If your english isn't all that good then maybe you will want to check out this page for something in your native language.
  • Put the answers to Questions #11 and #12 on the Questions and Answers page.
  • Added another Egg to the Easter Eggs list.
  • I have completed all of the maps that were sent to me.  I know there has to be more Dungeons then what I have, I think I have all the towns.  If someone has a little time to verify the maps to make sure they are correct it would be appreciated.  Or if someone could send me more of the dungeon maps I'll get them up quickly.  As for me I still have about 50 email messages to parse through; most of which have been answered/processed but I still have to do some house cleaning.
  • Updated the map of The Stone City again so that the exit to Nighon is correct, sorry about yesterdays update but this one is correct now.
  • Added the answer to Quetion #10 (Musical Instruments quest)
  • Put another easter egg (Shakespeare) on the Eggs page.
  • I added the Harmondale town map and the Temple of the Moon dungeon map.
  • I know I haven't updated in a while, but I was out of town for about a week on a business trip.  Right now things are quite hecktic around my home so I don't have much free time (I wish I had more) to update the sites... but I'm trying.
  • I've added some new questions on the Questions and Answers page, let's get them answered asap.
  • Posted updated maps of The Stone City (clearified where the exit to Nighon was) and the Deyja (added a note to where "The Hall of the Pit" is)
  • Added more Easter Eggs to that page.
  • Added another new map : Emerald Island to the Maps page.  If anyone knows of any updates to this map please let me know, it seems less complete then the others.
  • I have updated the  Skills page.  I added the Skills by location so that you can find out a skill that you are looking for based on where you are, hopefully this will be helpful to everyone.
  • Added a few new Eggs to the Easter Eggs Page
  • Added several new maps : Dejia, The Wine Cellar, and Tidewater Caverns
  • Added the Travel Schedules Page, now you should be able to get to and from anywhere you want to.
  • Updated the Alchemy page so that the Grand Master Potions are easier to understand and added a few new ones.
  • I've now added a Skills page!  This will show you where you can find all the skills in the game along with their class requirements.  I haven't completed this 100% yet, I need to do all the "Skills by Location" pages and I have to add map numbers to all the skills but it is comming along.
  • Added the Answer to Question #9 (the apples) and Question #8 (the dwarfs) on the Questions and Answers Page
  • Added an Alchemy page that tells you how to mix any potion.
  • Would you believe that I still have over 40 messages of information to put up on the site (this doesn't include files that people have been sending me); and it appears that I'll be on a business trip again (haven't been on one in two years till now).  Anyway, I'm still here and still trying to make updates.
  • Added an "Easter Eggs" (for a lack of a better term) page; interesting things that you'll find in the game that reference other things in our world.
  • Added the Answer to Question #3 (magic aging) and Question #4 (the map) on the Questions and Answers Page
  • Posted more questions (#8, #9) on the Question and Answers Page.
  • Sorry that there haven't been an update in a while, I'm still trying to catch up from last weekend, and this weekend doesn't look any better because of the holiday.  I have LOTS of things to update and many more maps to make.  I'm still here, just busy all around (the site, home and work).
  • I have added two town map : The Tularean Forest and Stone City
  • Added two new dungeon maps : White Cliff Cave and Nighon Tunnels
  • Updated information on the Golems part on it's page.
  • Updated my Sewers map a little because one of the numbers (#7) wasn't in the correct location.
  • Made some update to the map of Erathia also, some of the wells were listed as fountains and 
  • Put up a Credits page to give credit to the people who have gone above all others to help me with this site.
  • There is now a "Hints and Clues" page.  There isn't all that much on it right now, just information on how to find the Golem parts.  But with a little help it will grow quickly.
  • Posted some answers to some more of the questions on the questions and answers page.
  • I've added area maps for all the little areas of the Barrows and an interconnection map.  What I need for these is, if you have time, to take each one of these maps and indicate where the different segments connect; and what creatures/items are found in each map (and their location if possible). 
  • Two questions have been asked on the Questions and Answers page; let's see if we can get answers to these questions as soon as possible.
This is the first version of the web site, so far there is very little on here but as soon as you send me useful information it will quickly get better!

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