HoH : Maps
We need your help creating maps!  You don't need to do much, take screen shots of places, and send them to me.  I'll put them together and make a nice looking map.  At that point I'll post it and ask people to label the different places.  We should be able to get maps done really fast with all these people working on them.  If you are sending me screen shots please send me the BMP files so that no quality is lost.  Also zoom out of the map as much as possible so that everyone is on the same persepective.
Town Maps
by Dave
Erathia (BUY ME!)
The Tularean Forest (BUY ME!)
Stone City (BUY ME!)
Deyja (BUY ME!)
Emerald Island (BUY ME!)
Harmondale (BUY ME!)
Dungeon Maps
by Dave
Maps of all the zones in the Barrows
Interconnection of all the zones of Barrows (not mine, Joe's)
The Erathian Sewers (BUY ME!)
The Bandit Caves (BUY ME!)
Nighon Tunnels (BUY ME!)
White Cliff Cave (BUY ME!)
The Wine Cellar (BUY ME!)
Tidewater Caverns (BUY ME!)
Temple of the Moon (BUY ME!)

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