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Mission Statement
You asked and I'm listening.  I'm going to be trying something new and interesting with this web site that I haven't done before.  So if this fails, please understand.  First let me start of by saying that I do not have Might and Magic VII : For Blood and Honor.  I have a few other things on my plate right now and I don't really have the energy to put into another game (although I may want to eventually).  So how am I going to run another site?  Well, here is where the new concept comes in.  I want each and every one of you to send me whatever information is not on this site about the game!  It doesn't have to be in any fancy order, or typed neatly it just needs to be sent to me.  I will then parse out the data, tabularize what is necessary, and put it up for everyone else to see.  If there is something that you've learned about the game that no one else knows, send it along.  If there is invalid information on this site then pass that along also.  If you want a map made for an area, send me a screen shot and I'll make it.  If information is missing on a map, let me know and I'll fix it.  But this web site will only be as good as YOU make it.  So let's get started and if you want to send me some information, here's the address :
What's New
Follow this link to find out what is new on this site, I'll try and keep this list as up to date as possible, with the most complete information as possible.  This is where I recommend you start to look.
Here are the different maps of the regions.  Each map has been hand crafted to represent the area as best as possible.  If you are looking for some place the this may be the place that you want to look.
Questions and Answers
Answers to the most commonly asked questions.  These are problems that other people, like yourself, have had and the replies are from other users.
Hints and Clues
Looking for something specific about the game, then this is the area you should start to look at first.  If you don't find it here then you may not find it at all. 
Easter Eggs
This is a list of things that are in the game but reference something other then the game environment in some way.  They make the game a lot more light hearted and fun to explore.
How to mix any potion in the entire game.  The potions are listed by difficulty; Basic, Expert, Master and Grand Master levels.
Travel Schedule
Trying to find out when a boat or the stables go from a city or town to another, well this is where you'll find that information. 
Looking to be a master or grand master in a skill but don't know where to find the place to become it?  Well then look here, you'll find all the skills listed by ranking and by location for your convenience.
Artifacts and Relics
This is a list of the different artifacts and relics that can be found in the game.  It includes their special abilities and their costs
If you don't speak english all that well, maybe you can find a mirror of this site in your native language?  Check out the list and see what is currently available.
Occasionally there are people who go above the norm, these people deserve special reconigition for what they have done for me.  Follow this link for a list of those people and why they are honored here.
Send Email
Is there something about the game that I don't know?  Have a suggestion for the site?  Then click here and let us know.

Book Reviews and Sales
Read reviews of different types of books, see what books have really made an impresson on me.  Then buy the book online if you are interested in it.

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