Mirrors of the House of Honor

Active Mirrors of the House of Honor
Title Link Language
House of Honor (The Original) http:.//www.pottsland.com/mm7/index.shtml English
Hungarian House of Honor http://free.netlap.hu/MM_VII/index.html Hungarian
Rules for Mirrors
  1. Pottsland has the right to revoke mirror status of any site at any time for any reason
  2. Pottsland has the right to change the rules at any time without notice; all mirrors must comply to new rules within a reasonable timeframe
  3. The site must be mirrored exactly, although a title of the main site may be added such as "Sam's mirror of House of Honor"
  4. The mirroring site must be completed before the site is made available to the public (this means if you are translating it into a different language, all pages must be done before they are posted)
  5. All updates to the site must be posted in a timely fashion
  6. Owners of the site many not profit from the site.  They can not add any ads, banners or other schemes to make money (although they may have them on their own home page)
  7. Any ads that are on the House of Honor must continue on the mirrors and reflect back to pottsland (ie pottsland gets credit for them) unless the mirror is outside of the US and the ads are either invalid, illegal or against some other rules.
  8. The owner of the site will not accept or allow anyone to copy any material from them, all references to material must be referred back to the pottsland staff (this includes, magazines, newspapers, TV, or just about anything else).
  9. All copyrights of the sites are properity of Pottsland, the mirror will not have any rights to that material
  10. All mirrors will have links pointing back to Pottsland
  11. All mirrors will post these rules and any changes to the rules to indicate that they understand them and agree to them.

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