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This is the General Questions and Answers page.  If you have a question about the game and would like to have someone give you an answer, send me an email and I'll post it.  If you hav an answer to someone elses question, send me and email and I'll post it.  Make sure you ask me to post the question, I won't do so unless asked to.  Please make sure that you type your message clearly, I'm trying not to retype the messgaes.
Questions and Answers
1 I've got a Celeron 300A system with a Voodoo Banshee video card  (Guillemot Phoenix), a Sounblaster Live!, 32MB, and a 40x Memorex CD-Rom.  The opening and in-game videos run TERRIBLY.  Does anybody have any clues on what to try? Answer
2 Unless I am reading the chart in the book incorrectly, it seems to indicate that a Ranger can get Basic skills in all Magics other than Light and Dark (page 14). However, I don't seem to be able to get ANY basic magic skills for my Ranger character. It seems to be quite a waste to have him in my party. I would like to know, before I invest any moretime (my party is currently 8th level), if this is am error on my part or not. If my Ranger can not use any magic, I will probably restart the game with a new party. Any ideas/answers for me would be greatly appreciated! Answer
3 A group of zombie attack me, and in a cave there are also some Gargoyles. And then....... good news come. My human become a zombie (Seems will return to human in a few day) and my Drawf become a ..... aged old man, it will -might, - endurance and +intellect and personility. If he is a sorcerer, I will fell great, but he is a knight!!   Then, I take a kinght that weak as sorcerer to travel....... The knight are easy to cure by magic and always die....I remember there is a fountain of youth at MM6 to return age, but at MM6 there are also .... many tatin beside there. I want to know if there are any "safe" way to return to normal age ? Answer
4 I want to become Priest so that I can get a master of body magic. I get the quests at Dejya ask for it, and the answer is go to a craven at erathia to found a pirates maps. But in the quest book, it told me to go to tatilla's Tidewater Caverns. However I go to both craven but I didn't found anything.....Do you know where the map is? Answer
5 The sorcerer become wizard quest, I get the golem's head, also left and right hand. But where is the last piece? any idea? Answer
6 I have a Palladin.  He wants to learn Plate.  According to the player's guide with the game, he can Master plate.  I wasn't allowed the Plate choice starting the character, and I can't find anyone to teach him the plate skill.  Is there a plate trainer anywheres in the game?  Answer
7 I have the quest to saboutage the Red Dwarf mine shaft.  This quest is needed to promote my archer to Battle Mage.   I have the worn rope and am by the elevator.  Where do I click to use it?  Clicking on the elevator, etc. doesn't seem to work anywhere.  Answer
8 I have a problem with the 6 dwarves for the Stone City King. I have ALL THE 6 dwarves but the King refuses to acknowledge that the quest is completed. I have checked the mines twice - no dwarves left but I still have the elixir. Answer
9 Does anyone know what the red apples in mm7 are for? I have a bunch, but they don't restore hp or magic, raise any stat that i notice, assign skill points, etc.  Are they worth carrying around for anything? Answer
10 Where and how can I get the musical instrument for the treasure hunt (at the beggining of the game). Answer
11 I have recovered all of the obelisks, and the message says to look for a white flower blooming in the witching hour on a haunted land (also the treasure is buried under the sand). I tried barrows downs but there are is no sand, so i went to evenmorn island and to that patch of sand, but I couldn't  figure out what they wanted. I literally waited all night to get the treasure the obelisks offer but i couldn't figure it out, andyone know how to get the treasure?  Answer
12 At the very beginning of the game, I've got a wand from Mr. Malwick... and now, He asked me to take something in somewhere with 2 weeks, however, I haven't done it since it is not a good thing I should do (at least, I thought). After that 2 weeks, as he said, some goblins and adventurers attacked my city. It's OK that my city was attacked since I can fix them really very easily, but after this... ALL the house in the Harmondale was LOCKED !! I can't finish the Master quest and the worst thing is.... I can't Grand master Water skill. Answer

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