Easter Eggs
William Setag
The Paladin quest that follows the Kill Wromthrax the Dragon quest, is to rescue a fair maiden who has been imprisoned in Dejas, in a Tower belonging to her kidnapper, William Setag - spell Setag backwards and you have Bill Gates!
Not only do you have to face the evil Setag (Gates), the person you rescue is the beautiful Alice Hargreaves, the maiden name of Ada, countess of Lovelace, the first programmer in the world.  So you are rescuing a beautiful programmer from the evil Gates, freeing up the compuer field. 
Edgar Rice Burroughs
The territory of Dejya in the game.  A well known series of books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in the early part of this century was the Barsoom series, 11 books featuring the adventures of an earthling named John Carter on the planet mars.  In the series, his mate was named Dejya Thorris (like the Dejya forrest...).  Also, the 'bad guys' in the series were maurading bands of giant 4 armed humanoids whose most refered to trait was their olive green skin color, the same color as all the residents of the Dejya area in the game.
Silly Sally sells seashells along the seashore
There is a girl on Emerald Island that sells seashells.  It just so happens that she is also standing by the seashore.  I didn't even notice her name until I talked to the judge in the contest and he said I had probably just bought my shell from Sally.
Hill Street Blues
When you leave the Stone City temple, the cleric advises you to "be careful out there."
The Black Company series of novels by Glen Cook
The Barrows is where a great evil is buried and is a major location in several of the books.
Corby the Innkeeper is named after one of the characters in one of the books. 
Raven The Hunter is also named after a character.
And the biggest connection of all - Dorothy Senjac, the Master teacher of Learning, is named after one of the main characters throughout the nine books - Dorotea Senjac.
Red Dwarf
The Red Dwarf mines have borrowed it's name from the British comedy series Red Dwarf.
Chuck Norris
The Grandmaster of unarmed combat is named Norris (as in Chuck Norris) an looks like him too.
Enter the stables in the Bracada dessert and the man greets you with "Where do you want to go today?" Just like the Microsoft commercial.
Lord of the Rings
There's a large area in mm7 called the Barrow Downs. In Tolkiens Lord of the Rings, Bilbo and his friends travel through an area with the same name.  There they meet some nasty foes called "Barrow Wights" which also are included in mm7.
Garret Books
Garret + Morley Dotes, Master instructor of Perception
There is a sword called PUCK is obviously named after the fairy in William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Young Frankenstien
The bad Golem head that you can find it is called the Abbey Normal head which is a reference to Young Frankenstien
Thomas Moore
The name of the repair item master is Thomas Moore, who is also the 18-19th century poet. 
Leonard Skinner
I noticed that the master disarm teacher's name was Leonard Skinner (reference the best band ever). I haven't quite figured out what the band has to do with disarming.
Don Quixote
The guy that gives you the quest to kill the dragon, and to rescue Alice Hargrove sp? is named something Quixote. Don Quixote is a novel by Cervantes, and Don Quixote is a crazy Knight who does wierd stuff. 
Jon Van Caneghem
The stables at Harmondale is named J.V.C. Corral J.V.C. are the initials of the game designer Jon Van Caneghem.
A cryptography scroll can be found in the upgraded Castle Harmondale. The example code in the scroll is "too many secrets". This must be a reference to the "hacker film" Sneakers with Robert Redford. The film had the code "setec astronomy" which was anagram of "too many secrets" 

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