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What's New
Want to find out what has changed on this web site? Well here is a list of all the changes that are made and when they are made. Look here for the most up to date details of the site.
Need to find something on the sword coast? Want to know: the travel times between map sectors; what all the buildings are in a town; your way through a dungeon? Then this is the place to get the informative maps by master map smiths Aragorn, Steve, Gary and Dave.
Quest Guide
The one and only quest guide by Janus! and now the Amazing Gary! These pages tell you just about every quest in the game, who gives it, and how to finish it.
NPC List
A list of just about all of the specifications on all of the different NPC's that you will find along the way and who will join your party.
Character Creation
Very helpful information on creating your starting character. Skills, stats and the effects of the races, classes, and gender on development.
Trinkets for Sale
A list of non-magical items that are typically found in the game that can be sold for gold to different merchants and people.
Hidden Items
A list of the hidden items that can be found along the sword coast. So far this list is far from complete but it does have some useful items listed in it.
Tomes and Manuals
This is a list of the location of different tomes and manuals in the game. Some of these are hidden and some are not, but all are very useful in some way.
Special Items
Items in the game that have special effects such as magic swords, or armor. The list contains the different items with their abilities, and where they were found.
Special Items by Map
This page was designed to help you find the most items in the game by giving you a reference for each area as to what you can find there. The items are linked to the special items page for detailed information on them.
Questions, Answers and Hints
We are commonly asked the same type of questions over and over again, her are the answers to those questions to help you out. Also you'll find hints on how to get things do common tasks in the game.
Having problems with the game, can't figure out how to do something, or need help. Well if you really want to here is how you can cheat in the game.
Files that may be useful for people who want to play Baldur's Gate. You'll find local copies of the latest patches here along with any programs that are written by the users.

Who we are
Want to know who is behind the creation of this web site? Find out what makes us tick, who we are and whatever else comes up.
Send Email
Is there something about the game that we don't know? Have a suggestion for the site? Then click here and let us know.

Book Reviews and Sales
Read reviews of different types of books, see what books have really made an impresson on me. Then buy the book online if you are interested in it.

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