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1. Character Creation - added item #10 to dual-class rules, corrected some of the Level Limit experience table entries and added new note #3, added Multi-Class Experience/Level table for Thief/Cleric.

2. NPC List - added explanation of Biff the Understudy

3. Trinkets Selling Guide - Added comment on Ankheg Shells.

4. Chapter 5 Minor Quest Area-E - Fenton buys Ahkheg Shells.

5. Chapter 5 Major Quest, The Helm of Balduran - additional ways to deal with Degrodel.

6. Q&A, Hints - a way to get both Dynaheir and Edwin in your party.


I have been playing around with the idea of putting up an Icewind Dale site, but there are a few things that concern me. First off is time, I work full time, have a family and try to have a life, so that leaves little time to play the game. I have been trying to see about getting a prerelease copy of the game from Black Isle Studios so that when the game hits the market I can have a site ready to go. Well I spoke with Chris Parker (producer) there at B.I.S. about this and was basically told, "Nope." An interesting thing is that I live about 10 minutes away from the BIS office and would be more then willing to get together with them once in a while to go over bugs and other issues. I would be more then willing to sign an NDA and help make the game the best it can be. But it doesn't seem to be happening. I guess I should just give up on this dream.... and maybe the idea of putting up a site for the game. Please let me know what you think, send me an email : baldur@pottsland.com.

At the same time I've been having this conversation with people over at New World Computing. Their answer was almost identical! I am making every effort to give the people the most enjoyment out of the game as possible; but it seems like the game companies don't really care. I am thinking of a MM9 site, but after this stuff, I an unsure if I should put the effort into it (it is a BIG task). Just for the record, NWC is about an hour and a half from my home; but I would still be willing to go in once in a while to go over the game with them. What do you think? baldur@pottsland.com

On a more fun side, The winners in the Prima Guide Give Away were chosen last night. Their information is posted on the contest page. I am planning on having more of these contests; what do you think? do you like the contests? Please send email to me about your opinions. Also if you want to send me items to put up on the contest page I'd be more then happy to do so. Just send me an email and we could work it out, contests are fun! contest@pottsland.com

Want something really AWSOME for free? Visit the Contest page here and check out the new contests that are being offered by Prima Games! The Ultimate Games Contest is AWSOME, Click here and then follow the links at the top of the page to get to the Prima's Contest Sites. Enter EVERY day until the contest is over! CONTEST SITE!
LOOK! Here is your chance to get something for nothing. Pottsland is having a CONTEST! Currently we are giving away the Prima Guides to Everquest (the new expansion) and to Might and Magic VIII : Day of the Destroyer. Just click the CONTEST link, fill out the form for each of the contests and you are entered. No obligations, no hidden strings, nothing. Just trying to help as many people as possible. So tell your friends, tell your family, and tell everyone else to click on over to the Pottsland Contest Page and win, win, win.
  • There have been many changes made to the site in the last 24 hours, but unfortunatly most of them will not be obvious to most people; most of the changes had to do with spacing (actually EVERY page has been updated). If you seen an error message or something looks strange, please let me know asap and I'll fix it. -Dave
  • Added a whole new section about combat basics, this section explains the terminology used by the AD&D rules, what it is and how to use it. See the Questions and Answers page for the index, or go directly to the combat basics page.
I would like to take this opportunity to talk with everyone about my aspirations for the pottsland domain.

I have been asked many times, why I run a web site like pottsland? Well I have always had the desire to play games; and role playing games have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I want to be able to share this love with everyone out there, to see what I see in these games. Often games don't live up to their expectations and even when the game is decent, some part may be very frustrating. I try to provide people with enough information to keep them interested in the games, and to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Where would I like to take this domain? I would love the opportunity to work with game companies who are developing RPG's (or Adventure games) to develop a collection of sites based on some of the best games ever written. When a game is a success, I want to be the site that everyone thinks of first. Sure there are sites that cover every game that comes out, but I want the most information about only the BEST games on the market.

Why am I qualified? Why is anyone qualified? I have been playing computer games since the first personal computers were available, I have played most of the classics, but in general I have kept to the Role Playing and/or Adventure game category. One of my past jobs gave me the chance to do game testing, to verify that our products were working correctly with as many games as possible. In my time, I have easily played THOUSANDS of games, many that people have never heard of, and of course, the mega-blockbusters.

Why am I rambling on like this? I like my job, I get to design the chips that many of you are using in your computers right this minute. Yet I am far from being financially stable (mortgage, wife, son, mortgage) and would like to be able to make more money. I am not expecting to make millions (although if I do I won't complain), I am looking for a way to supplement my income.

So what do I want? I want to be able to work with game companies on their new and upcoming games. I can program, beta-test, develop plots, give game play feedback, I can do just about anything. I would like the opportunity to work with companies to help them design the best games possible. If the game is something that I think is a failure, I will tell them, and why. But if I feel that there is a major hit coming along, I would like the opportunity to work with the developers to make sure it is the best that it can be. Do I want to get paid for all this? If possible, but I would also like the chance to develop the best web site for those HIT games on the internet before the game is released. I understand the need for silence, and I am an honest puck who will never release any information about any project until the final release is available to the public. I am more then willing to sign NDA's that state this.

What can you all do about this? Well if you are a game developer, then think of me when you need someone to do something. If you aren't a developer, but know someone who is, then ask them to give me a chance. If you are just another person as myself; then I just hope that you will enjoy these sites (click on the ads if you feel they offer you something you may want). Of course if you are in a position to help me earn some extra cash doing something else, let me know, I'm always interested. I don't want handouts from anyone, I am just looking for opportunities to do work; or at least develop this domain further.

Thank you all for listening to my ramblings, I guess I'm just a bit depressed that financially I am feeling the pinch; and I just want the best for my son and wife.

  • Sorry about the down time (from Friday, 2/11 at 2:15pm until Monday 2/14 at 9:00am). It appears that someone had managed to break into the account and delete the entire site. Fortunatly I have made almost a full backup of the site just recently (I lost the files section) so almost nothing was lost with the Gate House. I did loose the maps for the Mandate Mania site, but I have them in an archive and will get them back up shortly. Anyway, we are back up, sorry about the down time. Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day.
  • Fixed a few little font glitches that have shown up. Nothing anyone would really notice.
  • Changed the title of the FAQ page to be The Most Asked Question
  • Fixed a few other minor typo's that were found.
  • We have a major update today. This one may actually be useful to some people. What has been done is the special items page has been taken and the items rearranged so that they are by area. This page was a lot of work but it seems to be worth it. I am expecting that there may be some link errors so if you find one please let me know and I'll fix it.
  • WOW! It has been a VERY long time since I've done any updates. Then again, I have been very busy doing personal things. Anyway, there are many updates to make so here I go.
  • Updated the text on the main page in reference to the maps section. Originally it gave credit to Steve but there have been many other contributors so it now gives credit where credit is due.
  • Added more information on the Quest guide for Chapter 5, the "Investigate Aldeth's Partners" quest about how and why the doors lock.
  • Changed the main page for the Questions and Answers to have subcatagories that are directly linkable to the correct pages.
  • Put information about the EXP limit all over the site, now there is no excuse for anyone to ask us about it! Check out the new FAQ page.
  • This is it, the dungeon/area map needed to complete the BG collection. Gary's Firewine Ruins map.
  • I have also reorganized the maps page. Now that there are so many maps on it, it seemed quite cluttered to me so I alphabetized it and associated an authors name with each one.
  • Maps of the Cloakwood Mines have been added. Gary seems to be the map making machine!
  • Gary had done it again, he has cranked out a new map. This time it is the map of the Undercity in BG.
  • Chapter 5 Quest Guide, Major Quests, Chapter Ending Quest, Quest Solution - added information clarifying when Scar disappears.
  • Chapter 7 Quest Guide, The Assassins, The Ducal Palace, The Thieves Maze, and The Undercity - corrected some typos
  • Added the most awsome Chapter 7 Quest guide by Gary! He really knows how to write them doesn't he, way to go! Anyway, that completes our quest guides, there may be minor corrections but in general they are complete. Go to the Quest Guide page to read any specific chapter.
  • CHAPT 5 QUEST GUIDE: INTRODUCTION, GETTING INTO BALDUR'S GATE - clarified how to use the BG Bridge sector, fixed link to Chapt 6 on contents page.
  • Q/A, HINTS: MAP EXPLORATION, TRAVEL TO ANY REVEALED MAP AREA - clarified 'jumping' to non-adjacent map sectors and how to enter the Bridge sector for the first time.
  • CHAPT 5, INTRODUCTION: "My Combat Strategy" - added comment about Dimension Door and summoned monsters; "City Location" - corrected example.
  • SPECIAL ITEMS: Algernon's Cloak - added special ability; Bastard Sword +1 - added new location; Dagger +2, Longtooth - updated location; Flail +1 - added new location; Full Plate Mail +1 - updated location; Large Shield +1 - updated location; Nymph Cloak - added special ability; Ring of Protection +1 - added two new locations; Robe of Cold Resistance - added new location; Short Sword +1 - added new location; Sling +1 - updated location; Short Sword of Backstabbing - updated location; Splint Armor +1 - added new location; Studded Leather Armor +1 - added new location, Traveler's Robe - added new location; Two-Handed Sword +1 - added new locations.
  • CHARACTER CREATION: How to Create Extra Characters.... - modified SETUP step 5.
  • CHAPT 5, MAJOR QUESTS: Book of Unknowing - updated ; Ragefast/Ramazith/Nymph Conflict - added some Nymph Cloak information; Algernon's Cloak - added some information about the cloak.
  • CHAPT 6, MAJOR QUESTS: "Explore Candlekeep" - updated with comment on "Normal Book" and Shaella's Chapt 5 quest.
  • Q/A/HINTS: GAME INTERFACE - added information on party formations; CHARACTERS - added a better way to drop one NPC; GAME PLAY - corrected Underceller information, and added info about using Thieves Guild stairs.
  • There is only one update today, I finally got the Chapter 6 Quest guide up on the Quest page.
  • 08/16/99
  • Wow, there hasn't been an update in a while, I've been out of the country on a family matter. Well I have lots of stuff to add to the site so I'm going to be making a few updates. Right now I'm kinda back (physically if not mentally) and ready to go!
  • SPECIAL ITEMS: Locations added for: Chain Mail +1, Cloak of Protection +1, Cloak of Protection +2, Long Sword +1, Medium Shield +1, Morning Star +1, Ring of Protection +1, and War Hammer +1. Delete duplicate "Eagle Bow" entry, updated "Gauntlets of Weapon Skill" entry, and corrected some typos.
  • HIDDEN ITEMS ALONG THE SWORD COAST: Added new item, "Wand of Monster Summoning"
  • Q/A/HINTS :
  • CHARACTERS - Added Q/A about Kagain's caravan quest
  • GAME PLAY - Added new Q/A on how to get into Undercity, And added how to get back into Candlekeep
  • MAGE AND PRIEST SPELLS - Added new Q/A on problem with dual/classed characters casting spells
    • INTRODUCTION - Minor update to the "Introduction" section and reorganized the "Quest Ordering" section. Under the Caveats and Three Major Concerns for you, a note about Scar's death has been added
    • MAJOR QUESTS - Investigate Aldeth's Partners - updated to include information on Aldeth's brother; Helm of Balduran - updated to make clearer how to get to the helm; Nester's Knife - updated to include results of quest; Thief Quest-1 - added 'Prelude' discussing Thieves Guild password; The Chapter Ending quest a note was made about Scar's Death
    • MINOR QUESTS, AREA-D - updated item #4 discussing result of having evil person(s) in your party
    • NPC'S THAT WILL JOIN - Added NPC Tiax.
  • As promissed I didn't do anything else until I have completed the implementation of "Chapter 5's Quest Guide". It is important to note that this guide was written by Gary and not Janus.
  • I've corrected the spelling of "Tails" of the Sword Coast to "Tales" on all pages.
  • Found the the Quest Guides for Chapters 1 to 4 all did not display correctly when using Internet Explorer, I have now updated all those pages so that they will display correctly for everyone.
  • Added Skie's NPC information on the NPC page
  • Added many new locations of items on the Special Items page.
  • Added the location of the person who will buy Ankheg shells in BG on the trinkets page
  • Updated the Tomes page to have some minor corrections and added the location of the last unknown tome.
  • 07/02/99
  • Sorry that there hasn't been an update recently; I have been very busy trying to catch up and get everything done. Personally work and home is also very busy so I have very little time to do anything. But what I can tell you is that Gary has completed is own quest guide for Chapter 5! Right now it is some 20+ pages long!!! I have to convert it to HTML and get it up on the site; hopefully by early next week. So watch here for the update; it will be the next thing to go up on any of my sites.
  • 06/23/99
  • Added a complete list of items that can be created with the "CreateItem" cheat listed on the cheats page.
  • 06/22/99
  • Added the Constitution Hit Point tables in the Character Creation secton
  • Added a table on the maximum spell level obtained on the spells page
  • 06/17/99
  • Updated the NPC page so that there is information on Alora
  • Added many new locations for items on the "Special Items" page. Basically added more locations of items found in BG.
  • 06/15/99
  • Fixed the link on the main page for the Questions and Answers to point to the correct place
  • Added information about the game versions on the "Game Limits" page.
  • Added a "How to Skip the Intros." section on the "Game Interface" page.
  • Added "How do I change my character name" section on the "Character" page.
  • Many other minor corrections, too numerous to mention them all.
  • 06/04/99
  • Add the Black Opal the the Gems table on the Trinkets page
  • Added information for Tiax on the NPC Page
  • Updated item locations on the Special Items Page for : Bastard Sword +1, Long Sword +1, Ring of Wizardry "Evermemory", and Short Sword +1
  • 05/26/99
  • Made a few changes to the "Questions, Answers and Hints" page, nothing major, just little typos. There were two other major changes to the Game Play page, a new paragraph on the use of Stealth and another one on the "Gnoll Stronghold".
  • Added another location of the Dagger +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Knaves Robe, Ring of Protection +1, Robes of Cold Resistance, and Robes of Electrical Resistance on the special items page.
  • Added place holders for the remaining NPC characters; no information is yet provided but we will get to it shortly.
  • 05/18/99
  • Added another new section to the "Questions, Answers and Hints" page : Items.
  • Made many updates to the pages in the Questions, Answers and Hints pages; too many to list so you'll have to go take a little look for yourself.
  • 05/13/99
  • Added two new sections to the "Questions, Answers and Hints" page. These sections are the "Spells (Mage and Priest)" and "Characters" pages.
  • 05/12/99
  • A whole new section has been added called "Questions, Answers and Hints". Here you will find the most commonly asked questions with answers; along with hints on how things work in the game. If you have a question check this area out, if you can't find what you are looking for then please feel free to let us know.
  • 05/11/99
  • Fixed the Ankheg Armor and Amulet of Metaspell Influence mixup on the Special Items page
  • Added a new note about leader levels on the NPC page
  • 05/10/99
  • Added the Ruby Ring and the Key to River Plug on the Trinkets Page
  • Updated the special abilities of Imoen, Kivan, and Montaron on the NPC Page
  • Added several items (Ankheg Armor, Cloak of Protection +1, Ring of Clumsiness "The Jester's Folly") to the Special Items page.
  • Updated the Travel Charts (both the graphical and Non-Graphical versions). New links were added, new notes, and a few other things were touched up. On the non-graphical version, Area Codes were added ARxxxx.
  • 04/28/99
  • Corrected the order of the Robes of Cold, Electrical and Fire resistances on the special items page.
  • Updated the locations of the Robes of Cold Resisance, and Sling +1 on the special items page.
  • Added the fact that officer Via will also buy winter wolf pelts on the trinkets page.
  • 04/26/99
  • Added more information about Bandit Scalps and Wyvern Heads on the Trinkets page.
  • Added more items to the Special Items page (Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy, Full Plate Mail +1, Scimitar +3 "Frostbrand", Scimitar +5 "Defender", Mithril Chain Mail +4)
  • 04/22/99
  • Fixed the date on the last "What's New" to indicate the real date that the update was made upon.
  • Updated the "Multi-Class Experience/Level Tables" page so that the most efficient use of EXP characters (at the bottom of the page) is correct. Previously it was "Fighter/Mage/Thief" it should is "Fighter/Mage/Cleric".
  • Fixed the NPC "Qualye" on the NPC Page. He is a Cleric / Illusionist not just a Cleric so all of the Illusionist spells have been added to his list of spells.
  • Fixed the spell list for "Viconia" on the NPC Page; he had "Remove Curse" listed twice.
  • On the Tomes and Manuals page I removed the tome listed in Xvart Forest because it has never been verified, actually we couldn't find it.
  • Many many updates to the Special Items page, way to many to list but have added items that were not there before (Adventurer's Robe, Bracers of Defense AC 8, Large Shield +, Leather Armor +1, Robe of Cold Resistance, Robe of Electrical Resistance, Robe of Fire Resistance, Small Shield +1, and Traveler's Robe)
  • For those who care (and those who don't) I've put up new pictures of my son on the "Baby" page.
  • 04/20/99
  • Added a few more items to the Trinkets page.
  • Added two new NPC's to the NPC table.
  • 04/19/99
  • Fixed the links to the new pages in the table below.. Sorry about that.
  • Added the new travel charts on the maps page; both the high graphic version and the low graphics version have been updated.
  • Updated the Trinkets List
  • Updated info on Jaheira and Khalid on the NPC's page
  • Updated the Tomes page to fix the abilities of the "Manual of Bodily health".
  • 04/13/99
  • Archived much of the "What's New" page. Every once in a while I'll be doing this, click HERE to goto the old page.
  • Added several new pages on the "Create Character" page. These include :
  • Summary of Regular-, Multi- and Dual-Class Level Limits
  • Available Multi Classes
  • Multi-Class Experience/Level Tables
  • Multi- and Dual-Class Rules
  • Class Experience Limits
  • 04/05/99
  • Updated the NPC table to add a few new NPC characters
  • A minor update to the Special Items page.

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