Baldur Gate Questions, Answers, and Hints

The Most Asked Question
  • Why do my party members never get more than 89,000 experience points
The Gate House Information Limitations
  • This site only covers the basic Baldur's Gate game and does not include the expansion pack (Tales of the Sword Coast).
Combat Basics
Game Limitations
  • Experience Cap
  • Experience Cap Increase
  • Experience Cap Increase Cheat
  • Game Versions
  • Game Crash Problems
    • The Game Crashes While Trying To Enter Gnoll Stronghold
    Game Interface
  • How do I skip the intros?
  • Screen Dumps
  • Cursor Location
  • Time of Day
  • Party Formations
  • Map Exploration
  • Always Reveal Adjacent Map Areas
  • Travel to any Revealed Map Area
  • Travel Times
  • Character Inventories
    Game Play
    Mage and Priest Spells

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