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We here at the Gate House do hope that you can enjoy the game to it's fullest extent; and that is why we have put up this site for you. But we do expect you to actually use the site, we are not the be all tome of knowledge on Baldur's Gate. Let me first make one thing clear, we have not, and will not use the cheat codes for the game, we have only posted that information for your use, as far as we know, the instructions on that page are correct and will do what you want them to do. Secondly, we do not know of, support, or even know where to get a program that will modify the game in any way. These program could cause unpredictable results so please do not ask us to tell you how to use one, or even ask us to post it one you wrote on the site. Finally, please do not ask about not being able to go over 89,000 exp! This is on the site in many different places, there is only one application that we can suggest to remove this limit and that is the official Tales of the Sword Coast add on that can be purchased at most computer stores (try the one where you purchased Baldur's Gate).
When NOT to send e-mail
  • Do NOT ask about CHEATS, all I know is on the web site. I have NEVER used any of them so I know nothing more about them.
  • If you have any questions about Tales of the Sword Coast. This expansion pack is NOT supported by this web site.
  • Whe there is something wrong with the game and you want to know how to fix it. We are not technical support. I will post known problems with the game and any solutions (if known).
  • If your return e-mail address is not correct! Even if your from e-mail address is correct but your reply-to e-mail is wrong, don't bother sending us mail, you won't get an answer.
  • Do NOT ask me questions about HOW to play the game. I am assuming that everyone has purchased the game and has the manual. Make sure that you have READ the manual, It will make your gaming experience much better. If you don't have a manual I'm assuming that you don't have a legal copy of the game and I can't help you.
  • When you SHOULD send e-mail
  • When you have a question about the game that is not answered anywhere else on this site. I am more then willing to help people who are stuck. I try to get answers to all questions on this site, but I know some are not there so those I will answer.
  • Do you know something about the game that we don't know?
  • You've found something that is wrong on the site (misinformation, typo's, broken links, etc...)
  • You have found (and confirmed) a bug in the game. I would like to keep a list of all bugs and other exploitable features. Please send them to me, along with what version of the game you are playing.
  • Any piece of information that you think would be good to be on this site. Locations of items, tricks you found worked well, other things that will help people through the game, etc..
  • Suggestions on how to improve the web site are welcome. We may or may not take your advice but we will listen to everyone.
  • Dave Chip'er

    Web Master at a Keyboard & Central HTML Information Processor (Chip'er)
    In particular: All site suggestions/modifications, Special Items, Q/A/Hints, Hidden Items, Cheats, Files Section, and David's Maps

    Gary GIP'er General Information Provider (The GIP'er)
    Character Creation, Tomes/Manuals, Q/A/Hints, NPC List, Trinkets Selling Guide, Gary's Map (Travel Chart), and New Quest Dude
    Janus Dude Quest Dude for Chapters 1 to 4
    Steve Townie Map Maker, Map Maker, Make me a map. Find me a Town...
    Note to the humor challanged, this is a JOKE!

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