Hidden Items along the Sword Coast

Note : Use the 'L' key to tell you where your mouse is positioned on the screen.
X Location Y Location Area Item Description
1005 1115 AR2800 : South of the Friendly Arm Inn Ring Ring of Protection + 1
2552 3758 AR2300 : Friendly Arm Inn Ring Ring of Wizardry. Doubles the number of first level spells that your mage can memorize.
Note: If you start a new game after installing the 1.1.4315 patch, the Ring of Wizardry is not on the Friendly Arm map (new location, if any, unknown). If you start a game without the patch and visit the Friendly Arm Area, then install the 1.1.4315 patch and go looking for the Ring of Wizardry, it will be there (must have visited Friendly Arm map prior to installing the patch). We do not yet know if the 1.1.4315 patch has any effect on any other Hidden Items.
1814 2190 AR3800 : South of Beregost Cave A little hidden cave with 5 potions of healing and some gold
187 2747 AR4800 : Town of Nashkel Armor Hidden Ankheg Armor
167 177 AR5400 : Nashkel Mines Map Wand Wand of Frost
420 899 AR3600 : Lighthouse Area Cave Gold, Potions, Cloak of The Wolf (Polymorph into wolf at will), Wand of Paralyzation, Manual of Bodily Health (+1 CON permanent).
Note: Tough place, 3 Sirines guarding outside entrance, 3 Flesh Golems inside.
1792 411 AR5300 : Albert's Woods
(West of Nashkel Mines)
Scrolls Scroll of Cloud Kill, Scroll of Chromatic Orb
1956 2375 AR5500 : Bottom RH Map Area
(East of Nashkel Mines)
Ring &
Ring of Fire Resistance +40%
Star Saphire
AR3100 : N. Sirine Area Ring Ring of Folly (the wearer becomes feebleminded)
AR5000, Nameless Woods (in Cave) Wand Wand of Monster Summoning

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