Abandoned Temple Walkthru

  1. Enter the Temple.
  2. Decend the Stairs to the bottom.
  3. Kill all Serpents.
  4. Exit the room by taking the "tunnel" down.
  5. At the first room, walk down (either left or right) the ramps and out into the room until the walls start to open.
  6. Retreat back up the stairs.
  7. Kill off all the serpents (HINT: You can shoot down on the (they can hit you but not as bad) and be safe).
  8. Go back down the stairs and into the secret walls that opened.
  9. Push all of the buttons behind the secret walls.
  10. Exit the room via the north door.
  11. Stop right after you exit the room, the walls to the West and East are secret doors, open them.
  12. Loot the Chests.
  13. Resume down the hall to the next room.
  14. Before entering the room, on the left side is a secret door (the north wall) that leads down.
  15. Take the secret passage down and kill off all the serpents there.
  16. Open the chest and take the items.
  17. Return back up the secret passage to the second room.
  18. To pass the second room, look UP at the ceiling and follow the red path there.
  19. Exit the room by following the path.
  20. At the next room, walk across it to the exit on the east wall. Click the door.
  21. The floor will start to open, walk around the edge of the room and click all eight serpent buttons. The eyes will stop glowing red when you have click them correctly.
  22. Return to the exit door and click it again. Now the door will open the the floor will return to normal.
  23. Follow the passage to the next room. Ignoring the door on the south wall, you'll return to it in a little bit.
  24. The next room has many red squares on the floor, each one is a pressure plate. Don't step on any of them. What you need to do is to count from the North (top) to the South (bottom) from West (left) to East (right) six squares. NOTE: That rectangular red blocks count as TWO plates.
  25. Walk your way over to the sixth plate and click on it. This will open a secret compartment on the North wall to the West.
  26. Go get the statue from the compartment.
  27. Exit the room to the East (don't step on any of the plates).
  28. Work your way up to the top room, and then exit the temple.
  29. Save your game if you want, and return to town if you want.
  30. Re-enter the temple from the "exit".
  31. Go back past the pressure plate room to the door you skipped earlier.
  32. Kill all the creatures there, and open the doors and kill the monsters again.
  33. Continue doing this till you have cleared all the monsters or you've reached the oval room.
  34. On the North wall of the oval room is a red square, walk around the edge of the room and click on it.
  35. Take the book behind the square.
  36. Backtrack and exit the temple.
  37. You're done.

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