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I'm in bootleg bay at the Circus, I can get into the circus main tent but I can't seem to play any of the games, what am I doing wrong? Answer
I'm in the Shadow Guild Hideout west of Ironfist, I can't seem to open the doors, what's the trick? Answer
How do I activate the Shadow Guild (In the frozen highlands) transporters? Answer
In the Temple of the Moon, I've followed the sequence of life-accuracy-might-endurance-speed-luck, going around and touching each shrine in sequence, but still can't budge the crystal. I've gone outside, slept a day and tried other things to reset it, but nothing works. What's the secret here? Answer
In the Sewers under Free Haven. There is a secret tunnel on one side of the sewers that leads to a small circular room. In the room, there is what looks to be some sort of teleporter (its a round bluish raised dias in the middle of the room with a similiar circle on the ceiling). What is it for? How do you use/activate it? Answer
I cleared the Superior Temple of Baa and exposed the traitor, but touching the Baa mural does not give me experience or reduce reputation. Instead, the mural takes hit points and says "You are not worthy of Baa" Is this because I exposed the traitor before touching he mural? I had gone through the Sparks passage, as suggested in another walk thru, but that didn't help. Answer
I found lots of additional memory crystals (alpha, beta, delta, and epsilon) in the Control Center. Does anyone know if there is a use for them? Answer
The quest items and messages that you pick up throughout the game -- keep em or toss em? I heard that you could put things into a chest and tried putting a message scroll in the chest, but when I returned the next day it was gone. I don't want to lose anything important, but have been carrying around things like the dragon tower keys now for quite a while after having finished the quest. Answer
I went into the Hive and found the Queen. I ran away into another end of the room and killed all her helpers, but then she had disappeared. Behind where she were, there is a locked exit. Am I supposed to get a key when I kill her? Answer
Is there any place other than by completing the obelisk puzzle/quest, that you can get the divine intervention or dark containment spell books? Answer
Over the course of the game, my characters have accumulated several years of age due to magical attacks. How can I remove the aging effects? Answer
I have clear the Silverhelm, but i could not find the key for the Gharik's forge quest. Can anyone tell me where to find the key. Answer
Does anyone know where to find the memory crystal in Darkmoor castle (and the lich book). The place is totally confusing, i pushed a few buttons but i don't know what they do. Answer
I'm working on the archer to battle-mage quest. I have completely cleared Icewind Keep, throwing the two levers, and opening the two gates for access to what appears to be the throne room. No keys to be found. I have search all over for secret doors/whatever and can't find them. Answer
I could not seem to be able to open the main door to the Temple of Moon outside Free Haven. Answer
I'm in corlagons estate. I've explored the whole dungeon and I'm pretty sure I pushed all of the switches, but when I get to the SE room (the one which has a hallway coming out of the NW and the NE) the NE hallway which leads to the room with the Power lich and the Crystal is blocked. The door is not open. Where is the switch for this door? Answer
What are the Genie Lamps good for? Does someone buy them? Can I rub them to get wishes? I've got a sackful of them from VARN, and I'm tired of carrying them around. Answer
In Gharik's Forge, along the corridor near the area where you need to activate a number of levers to open some walls and move the bridge, a room with 2 chests and blue dot (treasure)can be seen when I use Wizard's Eye. How do you enter the secret room? Answer
Does anyone know if the gems found in the crystal piles of Gharik's forge have a purpose or are they just a good thing to sell and earn gold pieces? Answer
I have completed all the Council Quests except the one which requires a BAA cloak. Humphrey doesn't give me one, and I can't find one anywhere else. Any suggestions? Answer
What do I do at the werewolf lair? I can't get past that marble slab blocking the passage into the giant wolf's head. I couldn't do anything to the marble altar in front of it either. Is that the altar I need to destroy? Answer
Where is the 'damsel in distress'? Answer
Where is the secret door with "Q" and the Horn of Ros? Answer
Does anyone have a list of the locations of all the obelisks? Answer
What is the Flute from the Dragoons Caverns used for? Answer
I've gone through the Gharik's Forge, and after going down the elevator I find a door with a switch, but it's locked! Where do I get the keys to open it? Answer
I am completely stuck in the pyramid in dragonsand, I have killed everything I can find I have found 6 of the senior officer codes and the VARN chest key but I cannot figure out where to go next. Answer
I've heard that the Crystal Skull that protects you in Dragon Sand should be in the Fire Lord's cave. But I haven't found it. I have found a locked chest, but no key, and one of the doors in the start rooms seem to be stuck. Can it be behind some of those? Answer
Okay, I have been completely through the Silver Helm Hall in Silver Cove. I found the ghost of John Silver and he mentioned about a room he hasn't let anyone in with treasure. The only thing I can find around him is a wall that opens up to connect to another passage readily available on the map. The 2 walls right before him show up as cyan on my map when Wizard Eye is active. How do I open these walls or is there even anything there? Answer
How do I open the door in northeast section of Snergle's cavern? Answer
I somehow by-passed the firelord quest before getting to free haven and SELLING my amber. I had lugged the stuff around for quite a while and thought it useless. Well duh! Now I need it for Fire-boy. 
a) Do I need it to compete the quest? It is indicated that I do. 
b) How do I beg, borrow or buy some?
I have just finished clearing the Temple of Tsantas in Bootleg Bay of all of the Cobras, Cannibals and Witch Doctors. Does anyone know how to get into the fancy wooden doors in the center of the Temple? Answer
How do I open the doors in the Main temple of Baa? (The one in Kriegspire) Answer
I'm in the Dragoon Caverns. I pushed three of those button things but that door in the upper right corner still won't open. What am I missing? Answer
There's one thing that has been bugging me... I can't open that door in the hall of the fire lord. Does anyone know how to do it? Or does it have to do with something later in the game? Answer
My question is where and what is the Haunt? I went into the dwarf cavern and I cant get past this door. Then I learn in the Mire area that The old Dwarf King is bumming around in the Haunt. How do I locate him? Answer
What level do you expect to be when finishing the game? Answer
I can't find the letter in the Dragoon's Cavern, proving their guilt. I've been through there twice, and have killed all the slimes. This has happened to me through two games. Answer
Where is the Prince of Thieves in the Sewers? And how do you get into that locked door? Answer
I just cleared out the warlords keep...and there's no warlord! Where that guy, and how am I supposed to prove I killed him if I can't even find him? Answer
I'm having a problem with the Temple of Baa (SSW of Castle Ironfist). I killed everything in the dungeon, and searched everywhere, but there are still locked doors that I can't find the keys to. I can't get into the locked secret passages behind the altar, (I got through the one directly behind the altar, it's the ones on the balconies that I can't get into). Also I don't have a key for the NW locked room. What gives? I even used Magic Eye to spot all of the treasure, but still no keys? Any Ideas? Answer
Where do you get the firelord quest? Answer

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